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White kitchen with lighting system

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and it is not uncommon for the modern kitchen to be a multifunctional room. It’s obviously a place to cook and eat, but also to study, work, read and watch television. Choosing the right type of kitchen lighting needs to be considered at an early stage. The electrics have to be installed at the start of the project, before the plastering, decorating and fitting has taken place. Good kitchen lighting can help a modest kitchen make a statement, whilst a larger contemporary kitchen looks stunning with your eye drawn to features through effective lighting. The key to a successful kitchen lighting scheme is to layer the different types of lighting according to use.

Kitchen Spotlight in cool white light

Cool White

Cold and clinical. Ideal for a contemporary high gloss kitchen finish. 600-6500k.

Neutral white kitchen lighting

Neutral White

Ideally placed between Cool & Warm. The 4000k Neutral White is becoming increasingly more popular.

Warm white kitchen spotlight

Warm White

Warm and homely. Ideal for wood or traditional Farmhouse style kitchens. 3000k.

Warm white recessed lighting spotlight

Warm White recessed

Surface fitted and recessed COB cabinet lighting in Warm White.

White kitchen with feature lighting

Feature lighting. Create an impact.

Feature lighting can draw attention to specific objects, features or shapes in a room. Careful placement of light can accentuate any object. Using our versatile bespoke self-adhesive tape can make a feature of kitchen island units. Used around the plinth line or on the underside of the work surface, it can give the illusion of the furniture floating. This can be used to mirror the effect on the rest of the kitchen furniture as well as on top of the cabinets a an effective ‘wall-washer’.

Remote for lighting solutions

Finishing touches.

Add those little extras for maximum impact.

BLANCO offer a number of extras that can add those finishing touches to make all the difference. Remote dimming and switching kitchen lights, ideal for controlling different lighting zones within the kitchen, for example dimming your task lighting to create some ambience whilst eating and entertaining. Clever sensor switches that allow you to activate the lights with a swipe of the hand. Illuminated light shelves and light boxes can be added for extra feature lighting along with clip-on shelf lights that shine through the glass. Finally, our pop-up sockets are a neat solution to putting power sockets onto an island unit in your kitchen. The clever design incorporates three UK sockets and two USB charging points and neatly slots away when not in use. Control your bespoke LED lighting strip with a single remote. It has on/off, high, low and medium presets. Plus, a touch wheel dimmer control to make setting the mood quick and easy

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