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Frequently asked questions

Can you explain the features of BLANCO's SILGRANIT® sinks?

The beauty of SILGRANIT® sinks defies description. But what we can tell you is that our ultra-durable and colorful SILGRANIT features rock-hard granite durability, 7 patents, and the perfect palette of 8 fashionable colors and 30 shapes to complement any decor. With a new and improved smoother surface, SILGRANIT is the most cleanable sink available on the market today and resists scratches, stains, chips and heat up to 536° F. It is also resistant to acids & alkalis, easy to maintain, colored all the way through and guaranteed with our limited lifetime warranty.


Find out what it takes to make the worlds best sink...

BLANCO has been the leader in granite, granite-like and composite sinks for over 30 years and has manufactured millions of SILGRANIT® sinks without issue. We are the worldwide leader in total unit sales based on unique material patents.

Silgranit Fact Sheet

Is the material heat resistant?

Yes, SILGRANIT is heat resistant up to 536°

Is the material safe for use with food?

Yes, SILGRANIT is 100% safe for food use. SILGRANIT sinks feature our patented Hygienic Plus formula, which acts as a shield against dirt and bacteria, reducing bacterial growth by an average of 98%.

How do I clean the surface of my SILGRANIT® sink?

SILGRANIT is extremely easy to clean. Please see our care and cleaning instructions

Care and Cleaning

Do sinks made of SILGRANIT discolor over time?

No. BLANCO SILGRANIT® sinks are cast in a single pouring, and so are colored through completely. Normal household use does not cause any discernible changes in color. The color will not fade in direct sunlight.

Is SILGRANIT patented and certified?

Yes, BLANCO holds seven exclusive patents for SILGRANIT, which makes this material the only one of its kind in the world.

Why is the underside of my SILGRANIT sink rough?

Each and every SILGRANIT sink’s underside does have some roughness and texture which may be interpreted as cracks. This is a natural part of our patented formulation and production process. The texture you are seeing on the backside is a result of the curing process of the material after casting. It does not in any way deter from the strength of the product, but rather allows for the perfect combination of interior surface hardness and overall strength. This ensures that the maximum amount of granite is at the useable surface. It is this process that makes our sinks the MOST durable and the most hygienic surface available in the market today.