How to Clean and Maintain a Kitchen Sink

Check out some of our top tips for cleaning a kitchen sink along with recommended products to maintain your sink for years to come.

The best tips to clean and maintain the beauty of your BLANCO kitchen sink

How to clean your kitchen sink?

A kitchen sink is a heavy-duty appliance that may show signs of wear over time. Cleaning regularly is the best form of maintenance to extend the life and beauty of your sink. Learn how to easily clean your sink day with these simple tips:

  • Rinse the sink to remove any food residue.
  • Wet and squeeze some dish soap onto the soft side of a sponge.
  • Wipe the surface in circular motions or the direction of the brushed finish if stainless steel.
  • Rinse with clean water and dry with a microfiber cloth.


How to prevent water stains on your sink?
How to remove hard water stains and prevent them from forming on your BLANCO kitchen sink

How to prevent water stains on your sink?

Rinse and towel dry your sink with a soft cloth after every use, doing this regularly will prevent stains and unsightly water spots caused by mineral deposits. Be sure to wipe down the faucet as well for a consistently stain-free appearance. By keeping the water station as dry as possible, you will reduce bacteria build-up in your kitchen.

How to remove limescale from your sink?
How to remove mineral deposits and limescale from your BLANCO kitchen sink

How to remove limescale from your sink?

Did you know that most stains are caused by discoloration adhered to limescale? When you remove limescale on a regular basis, you also remove the likelihood of stubborn stains in your sink. Tackle limescale deposits quickly and easily with the help of BLANCOCLEAN Daily+ cleaner. Used weekly, this gentle formula protects your sink and helps maintain its original luster.

How to avoid damage to your kitchen sink?
Tips for protecting your BLANCO kitchen sink and preventing it from breaking

How to avoid damage to your kitchen sink?

  • DO NOT drop sharp objects into your sink.
  • DO NOT use your sink surface as a cutting board.
  • DO NOT pour paint over your sink.

Did you know our patented SILGRANIT material exceeds the properties of stainless steel? Made with granite, SILGRANIT sinks wont easily scratch or stain. They are also impact, fade and heat-resistant.

Learn how to clean different types of sink materials