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BLANCO kitchen faucets are continuously awarded prestigious international awards for design, quality and excellence. The beauty of our faucets goes beyond the surface with impeccable styling details infused from the inside out. Many BLANCO faucet collections have matching bar faucets and soap dispensers, so you can create a unified look. With over 100 shapes and sizes in beautiful color-coordinated finishes, find your dream faucet from one of our distinct style categories.
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Add the perfect finishing touch when you match your sink & faucet. In addition to a variety of full metal faucet finishes, BLANCO exclusively offers color-coordinated faucet finishes in over 25 different options, all designed to coordinate beautifully with our entire spectrum of Silgranit sink colors.
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For the true home chef, semi-pro faucets are inspired by professional, commercial kitchens, semi-professional faucets feature special details such as pressure sprayers, flexible spring coils and magnetic docking arms.
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Modern, cutting edge design defines this minimalist faucet style. Sleek, streamlined features such as low arcs and pull-out spray-heads are typically seen in this faucet category.
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Traditional and transitional styles are more elegant and ornate in design, but still modern in terms of functionality and performance. The EMPRESSA Bridge is the perfect example.
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The majority of BLANCO faucets have now switched from 2.2 to 1.5 GPM, providing water saving benefits while still delivering strong water performance.



BLANCO faucets are made of solid brass or stainless steel construction, with pressure resistant ceramic cartridges that are smooth in operation. All BLANCO faucets are equipped with colour-coded, flexible braided stainless steel inlet hoses for easy installation. Many faucets include patented silicone nozzles - simply rub the nozzles with your fingertip to prevent buildup from lime scale deposits.

Questions about kitchen faucets

How can I clean my faucet?

BLANCO faucets are generally very easy to clean and maintain. Our faucets have premium finishes which resist dirt and grime, providing low maintenance care with simple cleaning products. Follow these easy steps:

  • Use a soft clean cloth, water, and mild dish soap to remove any water marks or dirt. Make sure your soap is free from any abrasives / acids.
  • Rinse the faucet thoroughly to remove soap residue.
  • Dry the faucet thoroughly with a soft, clean, lint free cloth.

If your faucet has stubborn surface residue that can't easily be removed with mild soap and water, visit our faucet care page for deep cleaning tips & techniques.

Which faucets swivel 360 degrees?

The majority of our semi-professional faucets have a 360 degree swivel, but many non semi-pro faucet models have a swivel range anywhere between 100 - 190 degrees. Please refer to the faucet specifications on the faucet product page to find out the exact swivel for the model you're interested in.

What's the difference between Chrome, Stainless Steel, Stainless Finish & Classic Steel?

Our metal faucet finishes have slight variations in colour, sheen and texture. In order to successfully mix and match our faucets and soap dispensers, make sure you select products with the same finish.

  • Chrome: Highly reflective, smooth finish with a brilliant, mirror-like shine.
  • Stainless Finish: Slightly softer brushed finish with soft shine and a cooler coloured undertone.
  • Classic Steel: Deep, rich brushed finish with a matte finish and a warmer coloured undertone.
  • Stainless Steel: Exclusive to our PANERA faucet, this gently brushed raw steel has a matte finish.

To learn more about our faucet finishes, check out our Faucet Guide

How can I remove the backflow from a hand spray for better water pressure?

The backflow is necessary for certification. Please consult your plumber for assistance.

What hole size is required to install a BLANCO faucet into a countertop?

All our faucets and soap dispensers require a 1 3/8” diameter hole to be drilled into the countertop for installation.

Should my water lines at the kitchen sink be flushed prior to the installation of my new BLANCO faucet?

Yes. Regardless of how new or old a home may be, or what brand of faucet you have purchased, always flush the lines to prevent sediment from clogging the faucet and causing poor performance or leakage.

What is the warranty on BLANCO faucets?

All BLANCO sinks and faucets are supported by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For full warranty details, visit our warranty page.

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