How-to videos: kitchen faucets

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How to install a BLANCO kitchen faucet

How to install BLANCO kitchen faucet

Installing a BLANCO kitchen faucet can be a breeze when you follow the steps in this video!

For additional faucet assistance, please visit the faucets portion of our FAQs page.

How to backflush supply lines

How to backflush faucet supply lines

If you experience loss of water pressure in your kitchen faucet, you may have some debris in your supply lines or a clogged aerator. This video will help you as you backflush your supply lines and clean your aerator for an improved performance.

How to replace a faucet spray hose

Replace Faucet Spray Hose

If it becomes necessary to replace your faucet pull-out spray hose, this can be done easily following the simple instructions in this video.

For more information on our faucets, please visit the faucets FAQs section of this website.

How to clean or replace a clogged aerator

How to clean replace clogged aerator

This video will help you replace or clean a clogged aerator, quickly and easily. A clogged aerator can be identified by a drop in water pressure or an uneven flow of water in your kitchen faucet.

How to change a faucet cartridge

How to change ceramic disk cartridge in BLANCO faucet

In this video, we will demonstrate how easy it is to install a new ceramic disk cartridge in your BLANCO kitchen faucet. The cartridge controls water flow and temperature, and proper maintenance ensures the life of your faucet to be extended for years.