How to Choose a New Kitchen Faucet

Learn how to decide on style, finish, dimensions and features to find your ideal faucet.

Choosing a new kitchen faucet
The ideal time to select a new kitchen faucet is before the start of any kitchen renovation - before layout design, counter or cabinet selection, If replacing an existing faucet, there will be limitations based on the number of existing faucet holes and cabinet space.
Designing your kitchen layout around the sink and faucet ensures that the completed kitchen delivers optimal functionality- with enough room and the right sink and faucet to suit your needs.

Choose your faucet style

Determine what style will fit the design of your kitchen. From modern semi-professional to traditional bridge faucets – understanding your style preference will help you pick a faucet you will love.
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Semi-professional Faucet Styles

Semi-pro faucets are inspired by professional, commercial kitchens, featuring more heavy duty functionality like pressure sprayers, flexible spring coils, and magnetic docking arms. These are a great choice for dedicated chefs who want peak performance with an eye-catching design.
BLANCO semi-pro faucets

Contemporary Faucet Styles

Contemporary faucets feature sleek, minimalist details like low arcs and pull-out spray-heads. These faucets are simple and stylish, complementing a clean, modern kitchen design.
BLANCO contemporary faucets

Classic Faucet Styles

Classic faucets are more elegant and ornate in design, but still modern in terms of functionality and performance. Details include decorative molding and more elaborate fixtures, making classic faucets a great fit for classic kitchens featuring wood tones and natural stone.
BLANCO classic faucets

Choose your faucet size

It's important to check every aspect of the size of your faucet before you order. First, you need to address size as it relates to functionality. Second, to look balanced, your faucet should be in proportion to the sink. A large faucet would visually overpower a small prep sink, while a small faucet might look odd in a large sink and countertop area.ce will help you pick a faucet you will love.
BLANCO Kitchen Faucet - Which height should my faucet be?

Faucet height

Ensure there is enough clearance for upper cabinetry by knowing the height of the faucet you’re interested in. High arc faucets are usually more suited for island installations, or in front of a window.
BLANCO Kitchen Faucet - What reach should my faucet be?

Faucet reach

Make sure you check how far the spout reaches out from the faucet’s base to ensure it’s proportionate to the size of your sink.

Select your faucet features

Look for features like pull-out or pull-down sprays, which will provide ergonomic benefits to your kitchen routine. Semi-professional features such as hose coils and magnetic docking arms can add a lot of value to everyday kitchen tasks.
choose your faucet - Take into consideration the faucet's features Think about your kitchen tasks

Pull-Down vs.Pull-Out Sprayers

Pull-down sprayers and pull-out sprayers both extend from the main faucet body with a hose that allows for easier rinsing and cleaning. Pull-out sprayers provide a lower profile which pulls outward towards the user, while pull-down sprayers are usually part of a larger fixture.

Choose your faucet finish

Chrome, stainless steel, polished nickel, oil rubbed bronze or dual finish options can make a huge impact on the overall look and design of your kitchen.
How to choose your faucet - Keep in mind the finish of the faucet - BLANCO CANADA

The perfect finishing touch

In addition to a variety of full metal faucet finishes, BLANCO exclusively offers colour-coordinated finishes in over 25 different options, all designed to coordinate beautifully with our entire spectrum of Silgranit sink colours.
BLANCO color-coordianted faucets

Choose your faucet handle

Thinking about faucet handles may feel like a tedious part of the buying process, but picking a faucet that fits how you use your sink will save you a major headache later on.
Kitchen Faucet with Single Handle

Kitchen Faucet with Single Handle

With a single-handle faucet, one handle controls the flow and temperature of water. Typically, pulling the handle controls water flow while rotating the handle adjusts from warm-to-cold. These types of handles are very convenient for busy chefs.
BLANCO 1-handle faucets
Kitchen Faucet with Double Handle

Kitchen Faucet with Two Handles

Two-handle faucets have a separate handle for hot and cold water. This handle style can make for a more extravagant appearance that makes the faucet a centerpiece for your kitchen design.

BLANCO 2-handle faucets
Touchless Kitchen Faucet - SOLENTA by BLANCO

Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Touchless faucets, activated by motion sensors, bring another level of convenience and avoid spreading mess around the kitchen. Water flow stops automatically after 90 seconds to prevent overflow or waste.
BLANCO touchless faucets


A more functional consideration for your faucet is the flow rate of the fixture. Flow rate is measured by GPM (gallons per minute). A higher flow rate is quicker for filling pots or buckets, but will use more water over time which can reflect in your water bill. A lower flow rate can help with your budget and is an environmentally-friendlier choice, but the pressure may feel lower. With environmental considerations, modern faucets in general are trending towards lower flow rates. Be sure to research any building codes specific to your region, which may require a low-flow faucet with 1.5 GPM or less.


Finally, consider the cost of your new faucet installation, including parts, labor, and optional features. Consider whether you’ll require a professional installation or install the faucet yourself, and how this affects the price.


You have options for obtaining your new faucet, including visiting a local hardware store or ordering the unit online. Blanco faucets are available online and in-store, from a variety of providers. Use our locator to find the most convenient location for you: