Kitchen Sink Cleaners

Clean, polish and restore your kitchen sink!


What is BLANCOCLEAN Daily+?

The BLANCOCLEAN Daily+ Sink Cleaner is a gentle formula that provides a deeper clean to reduce limescale and soap scum buildup. This cleaner is perfect for regular weekly cleanings of kitchen, bar or laundry sinks. BLANCO kitchen sinks are generally easy to care for, but still require regular cleaning - and they can develop scum from dish soap or limescale deposits from hard water. Regular use of BLANCOCLEAN DAILY+ is recommended to extend the shine and luster of your BLANCO sink.


Tackle Limescale with BLANCOCLEAN

Limescale is a daily challenge for sinks. Did you know that most stains are caused by discoloration adhered to limescale? When you remove limescale on a regular basis, you also remove the likelihood of stubborn stains in your sink. Tackle limescale deposits quickly and easily with the help of our BLANCOCLEAN Daily+ cleaners, available in formulations for both stainless steel and SILGRANIT.

Features & Benefits:

  • GENTLE FORMULA: Use on a weekly basis to safely maintain sink’s surface
  • REDUCES LIMESCALE: Keeps hard water deposits and limescale under control
  • REMOVES SOAP SCUM: Reduce residues and white film caused from dish soap and other cleaners
  • PROTECTS SINK: Extends the life of your sink and protects from everyday wear and tear