Color Harmony

Mix & match for a harmonious design.

Discover the stunning combination of SILGRANIT colors mixed with metals for a truly harmonious look
The Color Harmony UNIT showcases a beautiful balance between metal faucet finishes and Silgranit tones.
Take color in the kitchen to new heights and enjoy total design freedom with a custom BLANCO UNIT. Achieve Color Harmony with our diverse range of Silgranit kitchen sink and drain hues that all stylishly coordinate with BLANCO's metal faucet and soap dispenser finishes.
Elevate your style with the perfect faucet for your home!

Define your style

Whether your personal style leans traditional, contemporary or industrial, your faucet should reflect your individual taste. Select a Satin Gold or Matte Black faucet finish to complement your kitchen’s hardware and decor.
Discover the perfect harmony for your kitchen with BLANCO's SILGRANIT sink color palette.

Customize with color

Mix and match the faucet finish with a nature-inspired hue for a harmonious BLANCO UNIT that is uniquely yours. BLANCO’s SILGRANIT sink color palette ranges from white to black and includes new Volcano Gray and Soft White.
Discover the perfect solution for keeping your space tidy and maximizing storage with the BOTTON II

Tailored organization

Staying organized under the sink is no easy feat. Complete your BLANCO UNIT with the BOTTON II to keep cleaning supplies, recycling items and more aesthetically in place.

By seamlessly blending different metal finishes and embracing nature-inspired SILGRANIT tones, you can transform your kitchen into a true masterpiece.

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