Old world elegance meets sophisticated design.

Our fireclay farmhouse sink collection tells a unique story. Traditional aesthetics get updated in all the right ways with flexible corner styles and modern design enhancements. Hand-finishing techniques and high firing temperatures used during the production of a BLANCO Fireclay sink results in a smooth, glossy surface that is both beautiful and easy to clean. Enjoy old world charm with the timeless beauty of BLANCO fireclay.
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Fireclay/ceramic sinks

Whatever your style preference, our fireclay farmhouse sink collection tells a unique story. High firing temperatures and hand-finishing techniques result in a smooth, glossy surface that is both durable and beautiful. Our massive 36" wide galley-style apron sink features a unique design with an innovative accessory ledge, adding functional convenience and ergonomic comfort. he perfect companion for prepping, cooking and cleaning.

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Fireclay/ceramic sinks

Old-world beauty meets stylish substance with the CERANA apron-front sink. The first fireclay sink with a reversible design and two different corner styles, CERANA allows you installation options for either a contemporary or traditional décor application. Its handcrafted finish offers a lustrous surface and our German engineering is the foundation for our innovative bowl bottom which allows water to easily drain from the sink base, eliminating puddling in the corners. Like all BLANCO products, the CERANA’s durability is unmatched.

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How do I clean my Ceramic sink?

BLANCO ceramic sinks are designed for simple and easy care and cleaning. For everyday dirt and grime we recommend mild dish soap or detergent with warm water and a soft cloth. For harder to clean stains we recommend using a 50/50 water and bleach solution or non-abrasive cleaner. Always rinse your sink thoroughly after cleaning and dry with a soft dry cloth to restore its original shine.

Do not use harsh abrasives or caustic cleaners containing ammonia or alkalis. Do not use scouring pads, steel wool or abrasive powders.. We do not recommend paint removers, oven cleaners, or aggressive chemical solutions to clean your ceramic sink.

What is the warranty on BLANCO Ceramic sinks?

All BLANCO sinks and faucets are supported by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For full warranty details, visit our warranty page.


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