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The sink area is often the busiest space in the kitchen, and apron front sinks experience even more contact with the elements than traditional undermounts. As such, farmhouse sinks are offered in many material options and styles, ranging from country kitchen to transitional to contemporary.
IKON 30 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink in anthracite with Catris Flexo Kitchen Faucet & Lato Soap Dispenser


Beautiful. Strong. Clean. Add color to your farmhouse sink with the IKON and VINTERA collections, while enjoying all the durability and benefits of our patented SILGRANIT material.
Quatrus R15 Ergon Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with Culina Mini Kitchen Faucet and Ash Cutting Board


As a world leading manufacturer of stainless steel products, our QUATRUS R15 stainless steel farmhouse sink collection combines the traditional farmhouse style with contemporary details.
Profina Fireclay Farmhouse Sink with Empressa Bridge Kitchen Faucet and Soap Dispenser


Old world elegance meets sophisticated design. The creation process includes handfinishing techniques and high firing temperatures resulting in a smooth, glossy, durable surface.

Enjoy that timeless farmhouse charm – without the farm. From traditional country farmhouse to contemporary urban condo kitchens, BLANCO has the perfect apron front sink for every kitchen design.

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What is a farmhouse sink?
Farmhouse sinks are convenient for busy kitchens - wash bulky kitchenware with ease!

The origins of the farmhouse sink are rooted in history. Before running water had become a standard convenience in homes, large sinks were common in rural homes for bathing, washing clothes, and cleaning dishes. Though we no longer rely on the sink for all of our chores, the modern farmhouse style sink is still convenient today for washing bulky pots and pans and preparing large meals.

What is an apron front sink?
Apron front sinks are ergonomic as you don't have to reach over the counter to wash dishes

This sink is recognized for its wide, deep basin with an exposed “apron” front that juts out over cabinetry. The farmhouse apron front sink has an ergonomic design, since it doesn’t require you to reach over the counter to wash dishes.

How would you install a farmhouse sink?
Farmhouse sinks have a custom installation type

Most farmhouse sinks at BLANCO have a customized undermount installation, meaning they are installed below the countertop surface. However, please refer to individual product details for more information regarding kitchen installation.

Why are farmhouse sinks so popular?
The combined beauty and functionality of farmhouse kitchen sinks make them a popular design choice

Farmhouse sinks offer a chic charm that is aesthetically pleasing and an ergonomic design for comfortable use. At BLANCO we have a wide selection of durable sink materials, including stainless steel, Silgranit, and Fireclay, to match your preferred kitchen style and decor.

What is the best material for a farmhouse sink?
BLANCO offers a variety of farmhouse sink materials that will fit every mood and lifestyle

Traditional materials for farmhouse sinks include porcelain and fireclay. At BLANCO you’ll find a number of materials fit for the convenience and style of modern kitchens. Create a clean, contemporary look with a highly durable Silgranit or easy-to-maintain stainless steel kitchen sink.

Do white kitchen sinks stain?
White farmhouse kitchen sinks are very easy to clean and maintain

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for properly cleaning and maintaining your white kitchen sink. Regular cleaning with a mild soap and water is recommended in order to remove dirt and prevent staining. Browse our helpful guides on how to clean SILGRANIT and cleaning a ceramic sink for additional tips.

How deep are farmhouse kitchen sinks?
Farmhouse kitchen sinks feature deep, wide bowls - ideal for busy kitchens!

BLANCO kitchen sinks typically range between 7” to 10” in depth. Farmhouse apron sinks feature a deep and wide bowl perfect for cleaning large pots and pieces of servingware. Review the Specifications found on our product pages for more information on sink dimensions.

Are farmhouse sinks practical?
Farmhouse kitchen sinks by BLANCO are both practical and beautiful

Although they typically tend to take up more space than regular under-mount sinks, they are also more ergonomic since they don’t require homeowners to reach over the counter. Whether you choose a single bowl farmhouse sink or double bowl model, each sink offers a large and deep area to rinse produce and wash dishes. Please consult our product pages for exact dimensions.


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