SILGRANIT-Look Faucet Finishes

For the love of design

Take the guesswork out of color matching with a LINUS faucet and a SILGRANIT sink


Faucet manufacturers each have slightly different color finishes, which can make it challenging to mix and match your fixtures. Take the guesswork out of color-coordination with a LINUS faucet that perfectly matches the tone of your SILGRANIT sink. The LINUS collection is fully finished in a range of nature-inspired SILGRANIT colors that effortlessly complement the latest design trends. Add a touch of color to your kitchen without the need for costly renovations when you chose a LINUS faucet.
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Keep your kitchen cohesive with an ARTONA kitchen faucet and a perfect match SILGRANIT sink


Color seamlessly flows into form with ARTONA kitchen and bar faucets. This collection showcases a soft, brushed PVD finish throughout its gooseneck spout, while its wavy body accentuates the beauty of SILGRANIT. Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of stainless steel or the modern look of SILGRANIT sinks, ARTONA faucets are designed to complement and harmonize with both materials seamlessly.
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Choose an URBENA faucet for the perfect blend of SILGRANIT and Chrome


URBENA kitchen faucets combine the brilliance of chrome with the natural beauty of SILGRANIT. This high-arc faucet features a mirror-like chrome finish throughout its spout, while the faucet base exemplifies the beauty of SILGRANIT. URBENA faucets offer a seamless way to incorporate mixed metals into your kitchen while adding a touch of color to your space. This seamless integration will make any contemporary or transitional kitchen stand out.
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Stark white kitchens are a thing of the past. Nowadays, designers are introducing homeowners to the growing trend of using color to express their personal style. With BLANCO color-coordinated faucets, you are no longer limited to adding color through cabinets or flooring. By matching the colors of your sink and faucet, you can bring life to your space without the need for a complete room remodel.