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The CATRIS FLEXO FILTER combines functional elements and modern industrial flair.
BLANCO North America’s first filter-ready faucet offers convenient access to filtered water right at the kitchen water place for drinking, prepping food, filling pots and more.
BLANCO is all about making kitchen life easier. Our Filter Ready BLANCO UNIT allows you to conveniently access filtered water right at the prep zone with any common filtration system. Now you can complete your water hub with a filter-ready faucet, sink, accessories and organization system to max out your UNIT's possibilities.
Say goodbye to the hassle of bottled water and enjoy instant access to deliciously filtered water

Dialed into the details

Often the most intuitive design embraces simplicity. Enjoy instant access to filtered water right where you need it most with the CATRIS Flexo Filter faucet, which provides a separate spout and dial for ease of use and declutters the sink deck.
Pair the CATRIS Flexo Filter faucet with a SILGRANIT sink to enhance style and functionality

Accessorize the prep zone

Pair the CATRIS Flexo Filter faucet with a SILGRANIT or stainless steel sink. All our sink collections include custom-designed accessories to streamline meal prep, accessorize with floating grids, cutting boards and more for the ultimate workstation.
Maximize storage and stay organized with the BOTTON II under-sink organizer.

Optimize space

Don’t compromise precious space under the kitchen sink, organize it with the BOTTON II. Two removable buckets on a pull-out track allow for easy storage and usage.
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