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A BLANCO UNIT is a seamless, fully integrated, kitchen water hub solution designed to make everyday life in the kitchen easier. The combination of a BLANCO sink, faucet, organization system and accessories streamlines your workflow in the kitchen to transform chores into joyful experiences. Everything you need to drink, prep and clean is all in one place.
Time is one of our most valuable resources. Over 60% of the time spent in the kitchen is at your sink and faucet workstation. Save precious time and optimize your workflow during meal prep and clean-up with a fully integrated BLANCO UNIT. Three key components, one seamless solution.


A beautifully designed faucet. Water plays an essential role in kitchen life. When it comes to accessing water in your kitchen, you want a trustworthy solution. A BLANCO UNIT will provide you with a faucet that is smart, functional and thoughtfully designed.


Accessorize your sink. Focus on the food with a well-thought-out solution that simplifies your workflow, makes things easier and saves you time. Put your energy into your next culinary masterpiece with the help of a BLANCO UNIT. Premium sink and accessory combinations streamline meal prep and reduce clean-up.


Get your sink cabinet organized. Life in the kitchen can get messy, especially under the sink. Complete your BLANCO UNIT with the innovative BOTTON II, a storage system designed to hold cleaning supplies and recycling material under the sink and out of sight. Don’t sacrifice space, maximize it.
There are endless opportunities to customize your BLANCO UNIT based on your design and functional preferences. Look to our inspirations to easily configure a UNIT that resonates with your household and lifestyle needs.
Our extensive portfolio is designed to work together, ensuring smooth kitchen planning and installation. No matter your selection, you can trust BLANCO with over 95 years of experience bringing high-quality products and solutions to kitchens around the world.


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Make a bold statement in color.


The Best Private Chef is You.

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