BLANCO America Celebrates 35 Years of Excellence

Opening day of BLANCO America’s Cinnaminson, NJ warehouse in 1998.
Opening day of BLANCO America’s Cinnaminson, NJ warehouse in 1998.

LUMBERTON, NJ, August 2023 — BLANCO America, the premium kitchen solutions brand backed by industry-leading German engineering and known for the BLANCO UNIT– a customizable combination of BLANCO sink, faucet and accessories – proudly marks its 35th anniversary. BLANCO America began in 1988 with just four dedicated employees in a modest 4,000 sq ft warehouse in Blackwood, NJ. Today, as a testament to its resilience, innovation and people-driven approach, the company boasts 55 full-time employees and operates out of an expansive 85,000 sq ft facility in Lumberton, NJ offering a wide portfolio of award-winning kitchen water place products adored across North America.

A rich legacy meets modern innovation

Tracing its origins to Germany in 1925, BLANCO started as a pioneer in stainless steel sinks and later revolutionized the industry with its ergonomically designed sink systems. Fast forward to its North American expansion, BLANCO's commitment to quality and innovation continued to grow. By 2001, BLANCO's fusion of European craftsmanship with American style witnessed a remarkable surge in sales as it met the unique demands of U.S. and Canadian homeowners. This harmonious blend of German engineering with North American sensibilities is a testament to BLANCO's vision and adaptability.

Pioneering Product Evolution

Starting as a singular sink manufacturer, by 1989 BLANCO expanded its horizon to offer faucets and accessories for a comprehensive kitchen water place solution portfolio. Our catalog has grown impressively from just 12 SKUs to over 750, including the groundbreaking launch of the SILGRANIT® sink material in 2002 and the introduction of the BLANCO UNIT in 2021, the full system solution of kitchen sink, faucet, accessories and under-cabinet organization and waste separation. With an eye on the future, BLANCO now seeks to expand its growing kitchen faucet offering and below-the-sink product category to address evolving consumer needs in the heart of the home.

BLANCO America tradeshow booth from 2000.
BLANCO America tradeshow booth from 2000.

The People Driving BLANCO America

In a strategic move in 2020, BLANCO merged its U.S. and Canadian operations, transforming into a regional powerhouse and affirming its position as an industry leader in North America. 2020 also bolstered significant employee growth with a 25% increase in head count. With an average tenure of eight years and seven employees celebrating over two decades with the company, the commitment and dedication of its team stand unparalleled. Honorable mention goes to two long-standing sales agencies, AMSG and Associated Sales Decorative Plumbing, for more than 30 years of service.

"Over the decades, BLANCO's success in the U.S. can be attributed to three pillars: the evolution of our organization, the relentless innovation in our products and most importantly, our incredible people,” stated Garth Wallin, President and CEO of BLANCO North America. “Our growth and momentum in the U.S. market are not just about figures and milestones. It's about a shared vision, a passion for excellence and a deep-seated belief in delivering only the best to our customers." As BLANCO America celebrates this significant milestone, the company remains committed to its foundational principles while eyeing a future filled with innovation, growth and excellence.

BLANCO employees celebrate BLANCO America’s 35th anniversary at the Lumberton, NJ warehouse in 2023.
BLANCO employees celebrate BLANCO America’s 35th anniversary at the Lumberton, NJ warehouse in 2023.


With BLANCO, kitchen chores are transformed to be sources of joyful moments. BLANCO is the premium brand for the well-thought-out kitchen water hub in residential homes. At its core, the BLANCO UNIT is based on three founding pillars: “Drink, Prep, Clean” and is characterized by a wide array of seamless combinations of sinks, high-end faucets, water optimization solutions, complementary accessories and organization systems. This range of product and the design, color and material options, make it easy for every kitchen lover to find their perfectly customized UNIT at BLANCO.

Founded over 95 years ago, the company is now an internationally recognized premium brand for the kitchen water hub. With subsidiaries in Europe, North America and APAC, plus its trading partners, BLANCO has a presence in about 100 countries all over the world and offers its customers a portfolio that is perfectly tailored to consumer needs. The company headquarters and key production sites in support of North American demand are in Southwest Germany and Canada.

Established in 1925 by Heinrich Blanc, BLANCO is part of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding. BLANCO America and BLANCO Canada have proudly served the North American market for over 30 years.


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