BLANCO Unveils UNIT Inspirations to Streamline Kitchen Design and Planning

Award-Winning Brand Curates Customizable Kitchen Water Hub Solutions


LUMBERTON, NJ, March 2022 — Kitchen projects continue to lead in popularity for residential renovations with an anticipated industry spending growth of 19% for the second year in a row, forecasted by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. As homeowners invest more into modernizing their kitchens, BLANCO, the premium kitchen solutions brand backed by industry-leading German engineering, is pleased to unveil three inspiring BLANCO UNITs to help streamline the kitchen planning process. A BLANCO UNIT makes it simple to configure an efficient and stylish kitchen water hub with the brand’s extensive portfolio of sinks, faucets, accessories and organization systems that integrate into one seamless solution. Curated by BLANCO kitchen experts with over 95 years of experience, these three UNIT concepts are inspired by 2022 interior design and lifestyle trends to simplify renovations and make kitchen life easier.

“Kitchen planning can be a daunting process with big decisions to make. Our BLANCO UNIT inspirations serve as a framework that consumers can customize based on their unique household needs,” states Edyta Drutis, BLANCO’s Director of Brand & Communications for North America. “The integrated system delivers style and performance, transforming everyday chores into more joyful experiences and ultimately optimizing kitchen workflow.”

Color-Coordinated UNIT with SILGRANIT®

With streamlined design at the forefront, a beautiful color-coordinated BLANCO UNIT starts with a Silgranit sink and matching faucet to create a cohesive look. Silgranit’s nature-inspired hues allow you to tailor the level of color with a kitchen sink and faucet combo that suits your style preferences. Try either full or dual finish offerings available in three distinct faucet styles, all with water saving benefits. Complete the look with the BOTTON II, which adds cabinet organization under the sink. A color-coordinated BLANCO UNIT empowers total design freedom so you can turn your dream kitchen into design reality.

LINUS Faucet, TORRE Soap Dispenser and VINTERA Sink in Coal Black.
LINUS Faucet, TORRE Soap Dispenser and VINTERA Sink in Coal Black.

Semi-pro UNIT for Home Chefs

Function meets style with this professionally inspired BLANCO UNIT, developed to optimize workflow so home chefs can concentrate on the recipe at hand. BLANCO’s semi-pro faucet portfolio boasts powerful pressure sprayers, flexible spring coils and quick snap magnetic docking arms, including the sleek, high-performing RIVANA faucet. Combining bold semi-pro kitchen faucets, stainless steel or Silgranit workstation sinks and organizational storage delivers a professional grade experience. This UNIT can be further customized with ergonomic accessories such as grids, baskets and cutting boards for seamless meal prep and cleaning. Upgrade your culinary experience with a semi-pro BLANCO UNIT.

RIVANA Semi-pro Faucet and RIVANA Soap Dispenser in Matte Black with QUATRUS R15.
RIVANA Semi-pro Faucet and RIVANA Soap Dispenser in Matte Black with QUATRUS R15. Accessories include Ash Cutting Board and Elevated Grid.

Modern Farmhouse UNIT

With your kitchen at the heart of your home, BLANCO offers a range of farmhouse sink styles that serve as a gathering place fit for busy families. To achieve that classic farmhouse design, select from several timeless farmhouse sink options in three robust materials including Silgranit, stainless steel and fireclay. From vintage to modern silhouettes in a wealth of finishes, complete this custom kitchen sink workstation with an elegant faucet of your choosing and the BOTTON II for added under-sink storage. When it comes to family dinners and Sunday baking, a complete farmhouse BLANCO UNIT can make a world of difference. Turn everyday meal prep into cherished memories with a farmhouse BLANCO UNIT.

EMPRESSA Bridge Faucet and EMPRESSA Soap Dispenser in Satin Gold with the IKON Sink in White.
EMPRESSA Bridge Faucet and EMPRESSA Soap Dispenser in Satin Gold with the IKON Sink in White.


With BLANCO, kitchen chores are transformed to be sources of joyful moments. BLANCO is the premium brand for the well-thought-out kitchen water hub in residential homes. At its core, the BLANCO UNIT is based on three founding pillars: “Drink, Prep, Clean” and is characterized by a wide array of seamless combinations of sinks, high-end faucets, water optimization solutions, complementary accessories and organization systems. This range of product and the design, color and material options, make it easy for every kitchen lover to find their perfectly customized UNIT at BLANCO.

Founded over 95 years ago, the company is now an internationally recognized premium brand for the kitchen water hub. With subsidiaries in Europe, North America and APAC, plus its trading partners, BLANCO has a presence in about 100 countries all over the world and offers its customers a portfolio that is perfectly tailored to consumer needs. The company headquarters and key production sites in support of North American demand are in Southwest Germany and Canada.

Established in 1925 by Heinrich Blanc, BLANCO is part of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding. BLANCO America and BLANCO Canada have proudly served the North American market for over 30 years.

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