Delivering style and performance.

CATRIS - Delivering style and performance.
CATRIS - Delivering style and performance.
CATRIS - Delivering style and performance.
The CATRIS semi-pro offers a fresh and modern interpretation of the classic semi-pro style, focusing on water efficiency at affordable prices. The CATRIS features a slimmer body design, flexible spring for optimal range of motion and dual spray function. A patented aerator significantly reduces lime scale for easy cleaning and maintenance. The CATRIS FLEXO Filter is a two-in-one faucet with convenient access to filtered water on demand at the water place. With a reduced flow rate of 1.5 GPM, CATRIS kitchen faucets provide water savings while still delivering strong performance.
Catris Flexo Filter - Safe drinking water right at your fingertips

Filter-ready Faucets

The CATRIS FLEXO Filter faucet offers convenient access to filtered water right at the kitchen water place for drinking, prepping food, filling pots and more. The two-in-one faucet has a magnetic docking arm that delivers filtered water through a discrete waterspout and seamlessly connects to all common water filtration systems.
The BLANCO CATRIS FLEXO features a sleek rubber hose for an industrial, modern look

Modern Industrial Flair

The CATRIS FLEXO offers a fresh take on the semi-professional faucet, combining functional elements and modern industrial flair. Its patented aerator significantly reduces limescale buildup, while its flexible, matte-black rubber hose provides a sleek, industrial look.
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The BLANCO CATRIS offers a modern interpretation of the industrial look

Semi-professional Kitchen Faucets

BLANCO semi-pro faucets provide home chefs with the ultimate in luxury and performance. Inspired by faucets used in professional, commercial kitchens, BLANCO’s semi-professional faucets include special details, such as powerful pressure sprayers, flexible spring coils, and convenient sprayhead docking arms.
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Available CATRIS models: