The new evolution of sensor technology.


Hands-free technology in action

Our team of designers, scientists and engineers are relentless problem-solvers, always seeking to employ the latest in material advances, technological innovations and scientific expertise. We apply these principles to all of our high quality products, including our hands-free faucets. Automatic faucets are common in public areas, but now they’re available for the kitchen in your home. Touchless faucet technology allows you to start and stop your water flow without spreading bacteria from raw food and other messes around the kitchen.
SOLENTA Senso Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Simple. Easy. Effortless.

With the perfect balance of precise electronic touchless sensor control combined with standard manual functions, SOLENTA Senso delivers the next evolution of sensor technology. This innovative faucet combines a reliable and sophisticated start-stop user interface combined with innovative design and high quality materials for optimal user experience and extreme durability. Watch the video to learn how to get more done in less time, with less effort!
Hand waving under a sensor-activated faucet

INNOVATION: Effortless water control.

  • Innovative motion-sensor control. Continue working on kitchen tasks uninterrupted with a simple hand movement.
  • Close range detection. The sensor detection field is set to a precise 2 1/2" range. This prevents unintended activations when you do not wish to use your faucet.
  • Intuitive sensor access. With the location of the sensor being under the spray head docking arm, you always have access to the sensor regardless of the faucet direction.
Hose-style faucet flexing into different positions

FUNCTION: Inspired by professional kitchens.

  • Dual-spray. Easily switch between two spray modes. A powerful spray for cleaning and rinsing, and a full aerated stream for filling large pots.
  • Preset water temperature and flow. Determine your perfect water temperature and strength settings using the ergonomic control lever. Use the start-stop feature to turn the water on and off
  • Precise magnetic holder. Simply lift the SOLENTA Senso sprayhead off the magnetic docking arm and snap it back in place when done.
Sleek stainless steel faucet head with motion sensor

DESIGN: High-quality material combined with elegant aesthetics.

  • LED display. A subtle blue LED display identifies the sensor field and displays the operating mode.
  • High-quality hose. The hose of the SOLENTA Senso is encased with easy-to-clean stainless steel for maximum flexibility, durability and easy maintenance.
  • PVD stainless finish. This surface is both wear-resistant and more resistant to fingerprints, making it very easy-to-clean and maintain. Also available in a Chrome finish.
Stainless steel faucet with Blanco branding

QUALITY: Extremely long-lasting.

  • Easy to clean hose. The flat design of the metal segments prevents dirt deposits from setting into hard to reach spaces.
  • Long lasting. All of the components of the SOLENTA Senso are subject to strict quality checks and certifications - from the ceramic cartridge to the hose.
  • Low maintenance. The touchless sensor technology means fewer fingerprints and less residue to clean.

Let SOLENTA give you a hand

Sensor technology with a start-stop user interface, no hands needed to turn faucet on


Start/Stop Technology

Automatically stops after 90 seconds, This prevents overflowing and saves time.


Save water. Without the effort.

Water is the most precious resource on our planet. The SOLENTA Senso features a lower 1.5 gpm flow


Protect your home.

The precise 2-1/2" detection field rules out any risk of unintended activation.