Sink accessories for plant care

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BLANCO Performa Cascade SILGRANIT Kitchen Sink (401708) with mesh basket for easy rinsing and more!

The past decade has brought a surge in plant culture, especially among the Instagram-loving millennial generation. Plants are the subject of stunning photos and provide a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city living. Plants also promote health and wellness in the home, which is a growing design trend that spans across all generations.

Whether you have a fern dangling in a macramé hanger, a fig tree in the corner of your living room, or herbs growing on a windowsill, all plants need proper care and we have the best sink accessories to help.

Repotting plants like a pro with a SILGRANIT BLANCO kitchen sink

Repotting your growing plants

Plant owners will have to re-pot their growing plants; otherwise, the roots will become compacted and the plant will die. A PERFORMA CASCADE sink can function as a workspace during the re-potting process. The sink features a generous 32” wide bowl that’s 10” deep with a raised platform designed to fit custom sink accessories.

BLANCO sink accessories will help you make kitchen tasks easier than ever.

Easy Clean Up

The PERFORMA CASCADE sink is made of SILGRANIT, a durable, patented granite composite material that is manufactured at our North American facility in Toronto, Canada. SILGRANIT is easy to maintain, so you can easily rinse away soil and dirt when you’re done re-potting your plants. SILGRANIT’s smooth surface resists stains and dirt, and reduces bacteria growth by up to 98%.

A BLANCO mesh basket will help you multitask within your sink station

Watering Your Plants

Keeping your plants hydrated is the key to keeping them lush and full of life. The PERFORMA CASCADE sink will make plant watering less of a chore because the sink features a unique raised platform, which has a notch to channel water cleanly down the drain. The platform is excellent for holding sink accessories and will help with watering potted plants because the elevation will help dry the pot base more quickly after watering.

The BLANCO PERFORMA CASCADE kitchen sink is ideal for gardening chores

Cleaning Your Plants with Sink Accessories

As a bonus, the raised platform of the PERFORMA CASCADE sink is designed to elevate a custom-fitted mesh basket, which can be used to clean freshly picked produce from your garden or to hold a small houseplant in place as you rinse its leaves. The basket is designed to fit on the side of the sink bowl for space-saving convenience. Mesh baskets are multi-functional and can also be used for drying small items, like plant watering globes or a hand trowel.

401708 PERFORMA CASCADE Kitchen Sink featuring 442505 Empressa Bridge in Stainless Steel

Beautiful design aesthetic

The slightly curved design of the PERFORMA CASCADE sink makes a unique design statement from standard rectangular-shaped undermount sinks. Additionally, the sink comes in eight nature-inspired colors, so there’s a shade for every design aficionado. When it comes to beautiful design and the best sink accessories, the BLANCO PERFORMA CASCADE has got you covered. Whether you prefer a light and bright kitchen or a dark and dramatic look, if you’re a plant or design lover you will love this Instagramable BLANCO kitchen sink!

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