Apron front masterpiece defined.

IKON - Apron front masterpiece defined.
IKON - Apron front masterpiece defined.
IKON - Apron front masterpiece defined.
The IKON collection is a complete family of modern famhouse sinks with a wide variety of sizes and bowl options to fit every kitchen need. IKON sinks combine the popular apron front style with the beauty, strength and durability of our Silgranit material. With its slightly angled apron design, IKON sinks will add a bold, architectural element to your kitchen.
SILGRANIT sinks are proudly made in Canada

Beautiful. Strong. Clean.

Made of SILGRANIT, IKON sinks are engineered to withstand everyday wear and tear from heavy cookware and hot bakeware. SILGRANIT is easy to clean with a non-porous, natural smooth stone surface. Offered in a range of nature-inspired colors, this low-maintenance, long-lasting material will help make life in the kitchen easier.
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The IKON 33 is both functional and beautiful. This spacious SILGRANIT kitchen sink is a work of art

Modern farm styled kitchen

The IKON 33 combines farmhouse charm with contemporary elegance, making it ideal for homeowners who appreciate timeless design. Both functional and beautiful, its spacious 33" bowl will simplify tough kitchen tasks, while the exposed apron-front highlights the beauty of its SILGRANIT color.
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The IKON 30 is the world's first SILGRANIT farmhouse sink

The world’s first SILGRANIT farmhouse sink

Enjoy authentic farm-to-table aesthetics with the IKON 30. This contemporary farmhouse sink boasts an ultra-durable apron front and a low-maintenance 30" bowl. With this kitchen sink, you can spend less time cleaning and more time creating memories, one recipe at a time.
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IKON 33 1.75 offers the functionality of a double bowl sink with the capacity of a single bowl sink

Low divide, increased functionality.

The IKON 33 1¾ offers the multitasking capabilites of a double bowl sink, but with a low divide in the middle to maximize bowl capacity. Soak dishes in one bowl while drying in the other, all while easily handling large cookware and bake sheets. Discover the joy of seamless workflow with the IKON 33 1¾.
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The IKON 27 is compact yet poweful

A compact solution for farmhouse enthusiasts

The timeless design of the IKON, originally found in large farmhouse kitchens, can now be enjoyed in the smallest and most compact urban settings. Whether you have a small kitchen or a cozy urban loft, the IKON 27 will maximize your space while providing all the advantages of SILGRANIT.
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Available IKON models: