Be prepared for the unexpected.

PRECIS - Be prepared for the unexpected.
PRECIS - Be prepared for the unexpected.
PRECIS - Be prepared for the unexpected.
The PRECIS collection is offered in a number of interesting styles and models including the PRECIS W/ DRAINBOARD, PRECIS ADA / CSA and PRECIS Low Divide. This modern and innovative collection offers clean lines and unique design features. A wide selection of BLANCO accessories such as grids, cutting boards and baskets are also available, bringing culinary experience to the next level. The PRECIS kitchen sink collection has over 10 different models with a variety of product offerings including bar and small space solutions.
SILGRANIT sinks are proudly made in Canada

Beautiful. Strong. Clean.

Made of SILGRANIT, PRECIS sinks are engineered to withstand everyday wear and tear from heavy cookware and hot bakeware. SILGRANIT is easy to clean with a non-porous, natural smooth stone surface. Offered in a range of nature-inspired colors, this low-maintenance, long-lasting material will help make life in the kitchen easier.
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Smart solutions to everyday life

The PRECIS U 1 ¾ features a convenient low divide that can accommodate large pots, while also providing a separate space for your prep work. Its angular shape and spacious design bring both form and functionality to your kitchen, transforming your kitchen chores into moments of bliss.

Elevate your time at the kitchen

The PRECIS CASCADE features a spacious single bowl sink with an integrated second level for drying, depositing and draining. This kitchen sink includes a multi-functional mesh colander, which fits perfectly on the second level to streamline your workflow so you can concentrate on the task at hand.
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Turn your kitchen dreams into reality

PRECIS kitchen sinks are offered in a diverse range of sizes and configurations to fit every kitchen need. From compact 19" bar choices for small spaces, to large 32" heavy-duty options for busy kitchens. Design your kitchen fearlessly with a PRECIS sink.

Available PRECIS models: