Executive Management Team


This is an exciting time for BLANCO Canada. An evolving market requires new products and strategies to meet the needs of informed consumers. Our team is ready to meet those challenges.

Garth Wallin, President & CEO, North America


Garth Wallin

President & CEO, North America

Senior Vice President

Lars Schwenteck

Senior Vice President

Vice President, Finance

Mike DiFranco

Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration, North America

Senior VP, Operations

Sven Loewe

Senior Vice President, Operations, North America

Director of sales

Steve Guterres

Director, Sales, Canada

Director of Marketing

Edyta Drutis

Director, Brand & Communications, North America

Tim Maicher - Director of Product Management

Tim Maicher

Director, Product Management, North America

Jake MacDonald – Director, Quality, North America

Jake MacDonald

Director, Quality, North America

Director of Manufacturing

Thomas Schuette

Director, Manufacturing, Canada

Director of Human Resources

Amanda Langford

Director, Human Resources, North America