How to choose a sink

Counter and cabinet size guidelines

When replacing a sink, the sink choice is restricted by the size of the cabinet and countertop. You can either choose a sink that fits the existing sink cutout or if your sink base cabinet allows, expand the cutout by cutting away additional countertop material and select a larger sink.

Best height for your cabinet
How to determine your minimum cabinet size:

Most kitchen cabinets are standard 24” measurement front to back. The width of the sink that can be used is determined by this measurement and whether or not the counter top has a backsplash.

  • Measure the cabinet size under the existing sink or where the new sink will go.
  • To save time, double check your measurements.
  • Measure from gable to gable (left to right). Be sure to measure from outside an edge to an outside edge. This is the 'Minimum Cabinet Size'.
LIVEN Laundry Sink in SILGRANIT Concrete Gray - Drop-in Installation
Drop-in sink installation:

Will you be keeping an existing laminate countertop? If so, you will likely need a drop-in sink.

If the countertop has a backsplash, a sink with front to back measurement of up to 20½” will fit. If the countertop has no backsplash and the cabinet is of standard size, a sink that measures up to 22” front to back will fit.

LIVEN Laundy Sink in SILGRANIT Concrete Gray - Undermount Installation
Undermount sink installation

Correct measurements are very important to ensure that enough space is allocated for the faucet, fixtures and other materials behind the sink. Your installer will also consider the bowl depth to ensure there is adequate space underneath.