Quatrus R15 Laundry Sink with Empressa Semi Professional Kitchen Sink
Quatrus R15 Laundry Sink with Empressa Semi Professional Kitchen Sink


Add new life to your laundry room.

QUATRUS R15 Laundry Sink with Empressa Semi Pro Kitchen Faucet and Laundry Rack

Every room in your home deserves to look its best. Smart design is starting to permeate every corner of Canadian homes, and the laundry room is no exception. Take your laundry room to the next level with clean, modern and highly functional design aesthetics found in our beautiful collection of laundry sinks. From timeless stainless steel to trusted SILGRANIT, we go beyond basic function with thoughtful design features and practical accessories.

Liven Laundry Silgranit Sinks with Artona Kitchen Faucet

Our LIVEN laundry sink is available in 9 beautiful Silgranit colours and will add new life to your laundry room. The LIVEN was designed with modern laundry in mind offering a substantial bowl depth with gently curved corners for cleaning convenience. This durable, dual-mount, 12 inch deep laundry sink will hold up to many years of heavy duty laundry days.

QUATRUS R15 Laundry or Utility Room Sink with Artona Kitchen Faucet and Laundry Rack

The QUATRUS R15 laundry sink helps make laundry day feel a little bit easier. Soak, scrub and wash as much as you can fit into this roomy 12 inch deep dual-mount sink. With 15 mm radius corners, you can also easily wipe away any dirt or grime that’s left behind.

QUATRUS R15 Laundry Sink - Urbena Kitchen Faucet

Extra deep bowl depth

BLANCO laundry sinks feature a deep bowl depth of 12". Ideal for laundry tasks.

Liven in metallic gray with Artona ktichen faucet

Dual-mount installation

BLANCO laundry sinks can be installed as a drop-in or undermount.

Liven in SILGRANIT concrete gray with Artona kitchen faucet and laundry rack

Material options

Stainless Steel and SILGRANIT sink models are available.

Quatrus R15 Laundry Room Sink in Premium Stainless Steel with Laundry Rack

Accessory options

Functional laundry rack offered separately for placement over the sink to hold or drain small items

Learn more about BLANCO laundry sinks

Traditionally, how wide is a laundry sink?

Width will largely depend on the type and brand of laundry sink you’re looking to purchase. At BLANCO, our laundry sinks vary in width. As an example, the LIVEN Laundry sink has an interior width of 16-15/16”, while the QUATRUS R15 Laundry sink has an interior width of 17”. Review the Specification Sheets found on every product page for more information on our sink dimensions.

What is the best material for a laundry sink?

At BLANCO you’ll find a number of laundry sink material options. Create a clean, modern look with highly durable Silgranit. Or browse any of our timeless, easy to maintain stainless steel utility sinks. All of our BLANCO utility sinks are engineered to withstand demanding laundry or mudroom activity.

Do you need a utility sink in a laundry room?

While a laundry sink is typically used for cleaning, soaking or hand washing soiled clothing, it can have a number of additional convenient uses when you don’t want to make a mess in your kitchen or bathroom sink. Utility sinks may be used for bathing small pets, watering house plants, arts and crafts, or other general cleaning purposes like filling mop buckets. Additionally, if you have a laundry/mudroom combination, a utility sink is an ideal spot for rinsing dirt or sand from shoes, clothes, and hands before entering the home.

How much does it cost to install a laundry sink?

Laundry sink installation costs will vary widely depending on a number of factors. More specifically, your location, plumbing requirements, and sink type can impact costs. Additionally, homeowners will often install one of our luxury utility sinks as part of a larger laundry or mudroom renovation. Generally, a BLANCO laundry sink can range from $400 to $700 depending on the size, style, and material you choose.

How deep should a laundry sink be?

All BLANCO laundry sinks feature a generous 12” bowl depth, making them perfect for laundry or mudroom tasks. Review the Specification Sheets found on every product page for more information on our sink dimensions.

How do I clean a laundry sink?

Similar to your kitchen sink, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for properly cleaning and maintaining your SILGRANIT or stainless steel laundry sink. Browse our helpful guides on how to clean SILGRANIT or stainless steel.

What installation methods are available for laundry sinks?

There are a number of installation types available on the market including drop-in, undermount, wall mount, and freestanding options. At BLANCO, we offer high-end drop-in and undermount style sinks for your laundry room.

What is the best type of faucet for a laundry room sink?

At BLANCO you can find a variety of faucets to suit your laundry room needs. Our award-winning faucets feature durable construction and attractive designs, seamlessly combining form and function. Consider your needs, such as a pull-down faucet with dual-spray or a touchless model. Exclusive to BLANCO, colour-coordinated faucet finishes are available in over 25 different options to coordinate beautifully with our entire spectrum of Silgranit sink colours.

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