How-to videos: kitchen sinks

How to punch a faucet hole in a SILGRANIT sink

How to punch a faucet hole in a SILGRANIT sink | 5 easy steps

This how-to video will show you how to punch a faucet hole in the deck of a drop-in BLANCO SILGRANIT sink.

Potential knock-out areas are pre-drilled and can be knocked out quickly and easily with a few simple tools. With just a hammer, punch, gloves and safety goggles, you’ll be ready to install your faucet or soap dispenser in minutes by following along with this video tutorial.

How to clean and maintain your SILGRANIT sink

How to clean and maintain your SILGRANIT kitchen sink

Learn the best tips to easily clean and care for your SILGRANIT sink. Regular cleaning is the best form of maintenance for your sink and will extend its life and beauty for years to come!

As an industry leader in granite composite sinks, BLANCO has spent over 30 years perfecting SILGRANIT sinks. Scientifically proven to wick away residue and buildup, SILGRANIT sinks are very easy to clean. This material is ideal for anyone wanting to implement greener cleaning practices at home – no harsh chemicals needed - mild cleaners like baking soda and dish soap will do the trick.

How to choose your sink material and bowl configuration

How To Choose Your Kitchen or Laundry Sink - Material and Bowl Configurations

Looking to create the perfect modern farmhouse look for your kitchen or laundry room? Adding some modern farmhouse charm is a lot easier than you think!

Watch a segment from the Interior Design Show with Toronto Interior Designer Jackie Glass. Jackie shares what she loves most about modern farmhouse sinks, along with some exciting new material options available in this popular sink style. With more design and material options available on the market, modern farmhouse sinks are more stylish and functional than ever before.