General sink care

Maintain the beauty of your sink.

Regular cleaning is the best form of maintenance and will help to extend the life and beauty of your sink. Browse through the recommendations below to learn how to care for your sink.

Sink care
Keep the sink dry.

We recommend that you clean your sink after every use. When not in use, rinse throughly with water and dry towel with a soft cloth. Doing this regularly will prevent unsightly surface deposits or water spots caused by lime in water.

TIP: Use vinegar and water in a mild solution to remove any mineral deposit that may have built-up.

Sink care
Use the right cleaner.

To maintain the surface of your sink use a non-abrasive cleanser. Our specially-formulated BLANCOCLEAN solution is a combined cleaner and polish which will help maintain the original lustre of the sink. However, there are other non-abrasive liquid cream cleaners that can be used.

TIP: Regardless of the cleaner you choose, always rinse and towel dry your sink after use to prevent water spots from forming.

Sink care

Avoid damage to your sink.

DO NOT drop sharp objects into your sink. Do not use your sink surface as a cutting board as this may scratch or damage the sink. Materials that are harder than stainless steel can scratch, including stone, diamond, glass, ceramic or abrasives.

DID YOU KNOW? SILGRANIT exceeds the properties of stainless steel. Made with granite, our patented material will not easily scratch or stain. SILGRANIT sinks are impact, fade and heat resistant.