Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability is important to us

All aspects of corporate social responsibility and sustainability are an integral part of BLANCO’s company culture. Responsibility to our employees, customers, partners, our environment and society at large.

In our production facilities, we use the latest energy-saving exhaust air technology, returning heat energy back to the production process. Water consumption in our overall process was reduced 50% by installing water-cooling technology, and we continue to reduce production scrap by using the highest quality raw materials, computer-controlled mixing machines and optimized processes. We also do not use CFC- and CHC-chasteners. In addition, we proudly achieved a permanent and significant reduction of oil consumption and CO² emission in our facilities and we purposefully purchase from ecological evaluated suppliers.

As a family-owned company, BLANCO values sustainability and acknowledges its responsibility to society in a number of different ways. Since 2008, BLANCO has published a sustainability report every two years, and is committed to respecting ethical business principles.

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BLANCO is cooperating with international organisation arche noVa e.V.

The five corporate values of Excellence, Reliability, Collaboration, Empowerment and Responsibility are essential to the BLANCO strategy. They serve as a benchmark for our decisions and actions in day-to-day business and beyond. BLANCO is committed to social responsibility, for instance. As a globally successful specialist for the kitchen water place, the company is extremely keen to help people in international crisis areas who find it difficult or impossible to access drinking water.

As such, since 2019 BLANCO has been supporting arche noVa – Initiative für Menschen in Not e.V., a non-profit organization committed to this goal. BLANCO’s partnership with the Dresden-based non-profit organization is focused on the construction of mechanical water pumps and training locals to maintain and repair the pumps independently. This markedly improves living conditions for the local people. “Water is vital. arche noVa is a good match for BLANCO, not just because of its international orientation, but also due to its connection with water and conscious handling of this valuable resource,” says Rüdiger Böhle, CFO of the BLANCO Group.

Water Donor

March 2022: BLANCO donates €50,000 to people in need

arche noVa has also had a presence in Ukraine for several years through a partner organization, and has been carrying out emergency aid work on the ground since February 2022 due to the serious humanitarian situation. Frank Gfrörer, CEO of the BLANCO Group, saw it as imperative to respond immediately: “Given the situation, BLANCO is donating €50,000 to support immediate aid efforts. We're glad that our sizeable donation can get to where it is most urgently needed, without hold-ups or red tape.”

Aid workers are currently particularly concerned about those who are elderly or sick. “Not everyone wants to or is able to flee Ukraine,” explains Mathias Anderson, Managing Director of arche noVa. “The people who stay put in war and crisis situations tend to be those that are particularly vulnerable. They need help and protection.” Plans also include the distribution of essential relief supplies, and water supply and sanitation initiatives. At the same time, arche noVa is also involved in other emergency aid activities for people who have had to flee Ukraine. The organization is in close contact with aid network partners from Germany and further afield, including the Aktion Deutschland Hilft alliance.