The BLANCO brand

Oberderdingen headquarters

There are plenty of reasons for exercising care when choosing a sink, faucet and accessories. The sink works harder than almost any other appliance in your kitchen. It has to last at least 10- 12 years, possibly even longer. Your sink should offer maximum ergonomic comfort, in addition to being hygienic and anti-bacterial.

Water is an important element in your kitchen. Water is critical for preparing meals, cleaning up and for drinking. You need to be absolutely certain that the materials used to bring water in and out of your kitchen, support healthy living. Having a high-quality kitchen faucet that you can rely on day after day for many years, is crucial. That’s why we set ourselves apart with the mission of achieving excellence in everything that we do.

Reinventing the sink over and over again

Award Winning Design

How is our society changing? How can we align modern design with the changing requirements of everyday life? These are the kinds of questions our team of curious designers ask themselves everyday. Apartments in big cities are getting smaller, so integrating functions more effectively within a sink station in order to save space represents a welcome technical challenge for our German design team.

We get to the heart of things to find thrilling new solutions. We have been winning awards for our work for years and will continue to strive toward designing new & exciting, award-winning products.


“The best quality in every segment." That’s BLANCO’s philosophy.
Ceramic production
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No sink leaves our plant without undergoing a series of quality checks. When it comes to our faucets, we pay close attention to all parts that come into contact with water, and adhere to the highest standards when choosing materials. One of our departments is solely focused on ensuring that our high standards of quality are maintained across all areas of the company.



Design down to the smallest detail is a key factor in BLANCO’s success.
BLANCOFLOW sink – the design feature in your kitchen
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Extensive analyses of current trends, observation of international living, lifestyle habits and an ongoing dialogue with customers, form the foundation for our successful design concepts. The design department at BLANCO is in touch with renowned designers worldwide. Our designers work together to create user-oriented system solutions. Based on this information, “form follows function” is truly a reality. This results in the modern design classics that define BLANCO’s outstanding reputation. We walk the fine line between functionality, convenience and visual appeal. Numerous international awards attest to the company’s remarkable achievements in design.

BLANCO STEELART is an outstanding benchmark of aesthetic appeal and design. It is synonymous with individual, exclusive stainless steel solutions in the kitchen. This high-tech craftsmanship results in sinks with exceptional design quality. High-quality faucets and innovative accessories in a coherent system create an exclusive range of products.



A kitchen simply doesn’t work without a sink or faucet.
Technical Customer Services in conversation
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In order to meet the responsibility of providing our customers with a safe and clean water experience through their sink station, our service to customers begins before you even receive your sink or faucet. We pride ourselves on ensuring reliable delivery at the agreed time. We consider ourselves to be responsible for our products throughout their lifespan, so we are committed to getting the right replacement parts to you many years after you install our products. We owe it to you and the environment. Should you experience any problems with one of our products, we’ll take care of it.

The easiest way to get in touch is to contact us online.



Only those who are constantly introducing new product innovations can build upon their strong market position.
C-overflow of a BLANCO sink
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New innovations need to win customers by adding value. Demanding everyday kitchen tasks should feel easier through the use of our products. BLANCO’s development thus serves as a source of inspiration for future products, while also setting market standards that last for years.

Many of our product innovations draw upon our considerable expertise in materials and our experience as sink station specialists. SILGRANIT is a good example of an in-house material innovation, which was the result of a long development process and rigorous testing by independent institutions. These institutions declared SILGRANIT to offer unparalleled durability and ease of maintenance. Today, SILGRANIT sinks are the best-selling granite composite sinks globally. Once you have experienced the advantages of this material, there’s no going back!

However, most of the time the biggest innovations are in the small details. At first glance these might not be noticed, but they offer lasting, tangible benefits. Details like these can only come from a company that specialize in sink centres and are focused on creating new material and product innovations.