Wheelchair Accessible Precis Single 25 ADA / CSA SILGRANIT Kitchen Sink
Wheelchair Accessible QUATRUS U 1 MEDIUM ADA / CSA Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


Greater accessibility by design.

Precis ADA/CSA Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Sink

Everybody can appreciate a kitchen that is spacious, organized, safe and well planned. Effective design provides greater accessibility and implements the unique principles of universal design in a way that helps aging generations and people with disabilities truly engage with their built environment.

QUATRUS ADA/CSA Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Sinks

Designing for accessibility and the concept of aging in place is focused and intentional. Accessible design incorporates long term design elements that provide flexibility for families, couples and individuals with a diverse range of ages and abilities. Kitchen designers recognize the sink space as an important part of the working triangle formed by the sink, stove and refrigerator. An efficient kitchen maximizes independence and maneuverability, while also keeping this working triangle compact.

BLANCO helps kitchen designers, builders and plumbers keep the sink area functional and accessible by offering ADA / CSA B651 compliant sinks.

BLANCO Wheelchair Accessible Sinks - Rear Positioned Drain Holes

Rear-positioned drain hole

Helps provide knee clearance when the sink is used from a seated position.

BLANCO Wheelchair Accessible Sinks - Shallow Bowl Depth

Shallow bowl depth

ADA/CSA sink models feature a reduced bowl depth for wheelchair accessibility.

Undermount or Drop-in Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen SInks by BLANCO

Installation versatility

ADA / CSA compliant sink models are available undermount and drop-in varieties.

Stainless Steel and Granite Composite Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen SInks

Material options

Stainless Steel and SILGRANIT sink models are available.

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