Faucet Buying Guide

How to choose your kitchen faucet.

Choosing your sink
When is the best time to select a kitchen faucet?

The ideal time to select a faucet is before the start of any kitchen renovation - before layout design, counter or cabinet selection, If replacing an existing faucet, there will be limitations based on the number of existing faucet holes and cabinet space.

Designing your kitchen layout around the sink and faucet ensures that the completed kitchen delivers optimal functionality- with enough room and the right sink and faucet to suit your needs.

Faucet Guide:

How to choose the right faucet style - BLANCO CANADA
What's your style preference?

Determine what style will fit the design of your kitchen. From modern semi-professional to traditional bridge faucets – understanding your style preference will help you pick a faucet you will love.

BLANCO Faucet - Installation Guide - Which height should my faucet be?
Faucet height

Ensure there is enough clearance for upper cabinetry by knowing the height of the faucet you’re interested in. High arc faucets are usually more suited for island installations, or in front of a window.

BLANCO Faucet - Installation Guide - What reach should my faucet be?
Faucet reach

Make sure you check how far the spout reaches out from the faucet’s base to ensure it’s proportionate to the size of your sink.

How to choose your faucet - Take into consideration the faucet's features
Think about your kitchen tasks.

Look for features like pull-out or pull-down sprays, which will provide ergonomic benefits to your kitchen routine. Semi-professional features such as hose coils and magnetic docking arms can add a lot of value to everyday kitchen tasks.

How to choose your faucet - Keep in mind the finish of the faucet - BLANCO CANADA
Endless possibilities.

Chrome, stainless steel, classic steel, matte black or dual finish options can make a huge impact on the overall look and design of your kitchen.