Drop-in Kitchen & Bar Sinks

Discover the ultimate in stainless steel quality and craftsmanship.

Drop-in kitchen sinks, also known as top-mount or self-rimming sinks, feature a lip or rim around the edge that rests on top of the countertop. Because the sink simply inserts into the countertop, installation is typically faster and less expensive than other sink types. Find BLANCO drop-in sinks for your new kitchen or to fit a replacement sink into your existing cut-out countertop.

Diamond U 2 Low Divide Double Bowl Kitchen Sink in SILGRANIT metallic gray
Diamond Super Single Dual-mount Kitchen Sink in SILGRANI coal black
Formera U2 Undermount Double Bowl Kitchen Sink in Stainless Steel
Precis U Super Single Kitchen Sink in SILGRANIT Anthracite
Performa Cascade Kitchen Sink - SILGRANIT Concrete Gray

Why choose a drop-in sink?

While other sink installation types require the security of strong countertop materials, these sinks can “drop” into any countertop material, even laminate. Since the drop-in sink is designed to rest on top of the counter rather than underneath it, this style also frees up more base cabinet space for maximum storage.

Easily store and access more cleaning supplies and necessities right under your sink. A drop-in sink from BLANCO offers simple installation and optimum efficiency!