Cutting boards for kitchen sinks

The ultimate in functional style – light weight, food safe and custom-made for your BLANCO sink.

BLANCO cutting boards sit perfectly inside the sink’s ledge

Go beyond the basics

Custom-made for BLANCO sinks, our cutting boards are highly functional and add a touch of beauty to your kitchen. Chop, slice or dice over your sink and easily wipe the excess directly into the bowl⁠— all while accentuating your space with the natural look of warm wood.
Depending on your sink installation, our cutting boards will fit on top of the bowl or seamlessly slide over the counter top, transforming your sink area into a multi-functional work space. BLANCO cutting boards are designed with a functional focus so you can streamline your workflow and focus on the task at hand.
BLANCO sinks are suitable for countertop or in-sink use.

Ash wood cutting boards

Functional and beautiful. Ash wood is the ideal material for a durable food prep surface. With a light, pleasing heartwood tone, BLANCO ash wood cutting boards bring a touch of nature to your kitchen. These boards can be used over-the-sink and feature rubber feet underneath for safe use on any countertop material. Custom made to perfectly fit a variety of BLANCO QUATRUS kitchen sinks, our cutting boards will conveniently glide on top of your QUATRUS sink, efficiently extending your kitchen workspace.

Beech cutting boards

BLANCO beech cutting boards offer a superior cutting surface. Beech wood is an excellent cutting board material due to its natural strength and close grain. Its small pores allow it to prevent stains, cutting marks and discoloration. This durable cutting board will allow you to tackle food preparation with ease and will perfectly fit our PRECIS, PROFINA & METRA sink models. However, you can incorporate this gorgeous wooden cutting board into any kitchen space.