BLANCO Faucets – Enhanced Performance & Colour Options.

Wealth of Finishes. Sustainable Water Consumption.

ARTONA 1.5 GPM Kitchen Faucet in BLANCO cafe

TORONTO, ON, March 2021 – BLANCO enhances their kitchen faucet collection with fresh new finishes and greater water efficiency.

The majority of BLANCO faucets have now been re-engineered from 2.2 gallons per minute (GPM) to 1.5. This provides homeowners with water-saving benefits while still delivering a strong, powerful spray. This shift to a lower GPM goes a step above the commonly used 1.8 GPM and reflects BLANCO’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

In addition to increased water-efficiency standards on multiple faucet collections, two new colours are also being added across the entire faucet portfolio in both full finish and dual finish options - Coal Black and Concrete Gray. Concrete Gray is a soft shade of gray, while the much anticipated Coal Black is the perfect matte-black accent for those who love bold design.

LINUS 1.5 GPM Kitchen Faucet in BLANCO coal black

"BLANCO recognises the need for more water-efficient products,” states Edyta Drutis, BLANCO’s Director of Brand & Communications for North America. “We have transformed our portfolio to provide beautiful and sustainable water-saving faucets to consumers in North America. With our colour-coordinated faucet portfolio, designers and homeowners can easily create a stylish, unified look with SILGRANIT® sinks, bar faucets and soap dispensers while keeping environmental sustainability in mind."

BLANCO faucets now have four metal finishes (Chrome, PVD Steel, Classic Steel and Stainless Steel); nine full colour finishes (Coal Black, Anthracite, Café, Cinder, Metallic Gray, Truffle, Concrete Gray, Biscuit and White); and 18 dual finishes with either Chrome or PVD Steel.

URBENA 1.5 GPM Kitchen Faucet in concrete gray
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BLANCO is all about residential kitchen water hub systems that are meticulously designed down to the finest detail. The brand has won over consumers worldwide with its modern design, ergonomic handling and reliable product quality. All components, from the kitchen faucet to the sink and accessories, are perfectly integrated with one another. BLANCO systems make a significant contribution towards sustainably upgrading kitchens around the globe with everyday convenience when it comes to preparing food, drinking and cleaning.

Founded over 95 years ago, the company is now a leading manufacturer worldwide. With subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia, plus its trading partners, BLANCO has a presence in approximately 100 countries and offers its customers a portfolio that is tailored to consumer needs. The company headquarters and key production sites in support of North American demand are in Southwest Germany and Canada.

Established in 1925 by Heinrich Blanc, BLANCO is part of Blanc & Fischer Family Holding. In 2020, BLANCO Canada celebrated its rich heritage of Canadian Made Silgranit products with its 30th Anniversary.

For more information, contact:
Edyta Drutis, Director, Brand & Communications
BLANCO North America
T: 647.824.9611