BLANCO Re-introduces their Best-selling Faucet with the BLANCOCULINA II Collection

The original pioneer of this iconic semi-professional design has infused this collection with contemporary details, new models and striking finishes.

BLANCOCULINA II Semi-pro and Beverage faucet in Satin Gold
BLANCOCULINA II Semi-pro and Beverage faucet in Satin Gold

BLANCO, the premium kitchen solutions brand backed by industry-leading German engineering and known for the BLANCO UNIT – a customizable combination of sink, faucet, accessories and organization – is relaunching their award-winning faucet collection in new models and finishes. The BLANCOCULINA was introduced to the market in 2011 as one of the first semi-pro faucet archetypes to make its highly functional, industrial-style debut from professional kitchens to residential households. BLANCO’s stylish interpretation became a kitchen must-have across 25 countries, and is now revamped with modern design details, a full kitchen suite and a breadth of trending finishes.

BLANCOCULINA II Collection Graphic
Iconic Design Reimagined

BLANCO’s international product design team, spearheaded by Marcel Moritz, revisited the iconic design of BLANCOCULINA and modernized the look, feel and functionality to appeal to the evolved home chef. The faucet’s form is sleeker, slimmer and taller than before, with triple coil hose protection for professional-grade handling and anti-sagging properties. The classic semi-professional handspray has a magnetic docking system that securely locks into place when not in use and a sleek dual-spray button to easily switch between powerful spray and laminar flow. Constructed in solid brass, the BLANCOCULINA II features a longer, more ergonomic handle and unique black inlay design detail that visually connects the full suite.

"With the reimagined BLANCOCULINA II collection, we have seamlessly blended our iconic semi-professional design with contemporary enhancements. Our goal was to honor the pioneering spirit of the original while introducing innovative features that cater to the modern home chef,” stated Edyta Drutis, Vice President of Brand Marketing for BLANCO North America. “The new BLANCOCULINA II faucets not only offer superior functionality but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of any kitchen with their sleek lines and stunning finishes.”

BLANCOCULINA II Semi-pro Sensor faucet in PVD Steel
BLANCOCULINA II Semi-pro Sensor faucet in PVD Steel
Dual Sensor Technology

To further modernize the BLANCOCULINA II semi-pro faucet, the new collection includes motion-sensor technology in two faucet models to assist with meal prep and cleaning workflows. Sensor capabilities include two intuitive access points: the pot-filling sensor on the semi-pro’s arm and the handwashing sensor on the body to prevent spreading mess. The pot-filling sensor is motion activated with infrared light, while the handwashing sensor automatically shuts off after 90 seconds. Set the ideal water temperature and flow with the handle via the digital cartridge and use the cleaning lock to pause the sensors when needed.

The BLANCOCULINA II sensor versions are available in the full and mini semi-pro sizes in Chrome and PVD Steel finishes.

BLANCOCULINA II Pot Filler in Satin Gold
Expanded Suite

The BLANCOCULINA II collection has expanded to the largest faucet suite available at BLANCO to outfit the full kitchen, including the semi-pro, mini semi-pro for compact kitchens and bars, the beverage faucet that connects to BLANCO’s new water filters and pot filler. Each handle in the portfolio showcases the circular black inlay design detail. Available in six beautiful finishes, homeowners can perfectly match their kitchen faucet to their pot filler, beverage faucet and soap dispenser. The BLANCOCULINA II finishes include Matte Black and Chrome, as well as four PVD finishes; Satin Gold, Satin Dark Steel, Steel and Satin Platinum. Each faucet boasts a 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM) flow rate for water-saving benefits, and the beverage faucet ranges from .5 to 1.5 GPM depending on the filter. Products are available at kitchen and bath showrooms and online retailers.

To complete the sink station, pair the BLANCOCULINA II semi-pro faucet with a BLANCO sink, accessories and under-cabinet organization for a highly functional, showstopping BLANCO UNIT.


BLANCO offers system solutions for the water place in residential kitchens. The BLANCO UNIT is synonymous with functional systems in complementary designs, consisting of sinks, high-end faucets, meal prep accessories, and below the sink water filtration, waste and base cabinet organization systems. The wide range of functions and the variety of designs, colors and materials ensure flexibility for retailers and kitchen planners and give consumers a wide choice to suit every taste.  

Founded in 1925, the company is now an internationally established premium brand for the kitchen water place. With subsidiaries in Europe, North America and APAC, together with its trading partners, the BLANCO brand has a presence in around 100 countries and offers a portfolio that is perfectly tailored to the respective needs of consumers. In addition to the company headquarters in Oberderdingen in Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany), there are various production and logistics locations in southwest Germany and in the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Australia and China. 

Established by Heinrich Blanc, today BLANCO is part of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding and has won multiple employer awards. BLANCO America and BLANCO Canada have proudly served the North American market for over 30 years.

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