11 Simple Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Quick updates you can tackle in just one weekend


Giving your kitchen a makeover doesn’t have to cost a bundle or take a lot of time. Full kitchen renovations are time-consuming and expensive, but there are also several quick fixes that you can tackle in just one day that still produce fantastic results. If you’re tired of the look of your kitchen, want to reorganize, or you just need to do a few repairs, we have 11 kitchen makeover ideas to give your kitchen a nice refresh!

A fresh coat of paint can transform you space without having to do a full a renovation
Fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint on the walls, cabinet doors, or pantry doors can easily give any kitchen a new look. Before you choose a paint colour, take a moment to determine if you want to establish a new colour scheme or if you want to coordinate with existing colours. White paint is always a perfect choice for a modern and clean kitchen!

Drop-in kitchen sinks are the easiest to install and can be installed into any countertop material
Drop-in sink

Most of your time in the kitchen is in front of your sink - washing dishes, rinsing produce, or preparing your next meal. Why not splurge on a new sink? Drop-in sinks are available in both Stainless Steel and Granite Composite, are the easiest to install, and can be installed into any countertop material. Just choose a sink that’s larger than your existing sink, so the new hole can be cut to fit the exact dimensions. A new sink alone can feel like an entire kitchen renovation!

The QUATRUS Drop-in sink is a good option for those who love stainless steel, and the VISION Drop In sink is perfect for those who love the look and feel of natural stone.

Atlas-Homewares_The Dot Collection_Matte Black
Refresh cabinet hardware

Make kitchen cabinet doors and drawers seem new by replacing the hardware. If you have black or dark wood cabinets, try matte black hardware for a monochromatic, modern look. Try stainless steel, nickel, or chrome knobs and pulls for a contrasting look. Alternatively, for white cabinetry, consider finishes like matte black, brass, or French gold. You can also match your hardware to your appliances for a more coordinated design.

Photo courtesy of: Atlas Homewares

Replacing your window treatments can change the mood in your room by providing light control
New window treatments

Replacing your window treatments is an effortless way to update your kitchen. Roller shades are sleek and modern, they preserve your outside view while still providing light control. Roman shades are made from a single sheet of folded fabric, providing warmth, and texture. A café curtain is a perfect complement to a farmhouse kitchen, while shutters are a classic option that add an architectural element.

Photo courtesy of: Lark & Linen

Open shelving is an easy way to organize clutter while showing off your most beautiful collections
More storage options

Are you struggling to clean off your countertops to reduce clutter? Give your kitchen the storage upgrade it deserves! There are many small ways to create more storage. A hanging produce basket can utilize empty vertical space. Hanging up your pots and pans can free up space in your cupboard. Spice racks, plate inserts and other small storage solutions can help you find more usable space in upper and lower cabinets.

Open shelving can also work wonders for organizing clutter. It can show off dishware or provide easy access to pantry staples.

A kitchen faucet is a statement piece that grabs attention and creates a focal point
High-end faucet

Changing your faucet is a relatively simple update that can make a big design statement and give you that “new kitchen” feel. Consider a high-end faucet that grabs attention and creates a focal point. Stainless steel, Chrome and Matte Black are popular, eye-catching faucet finishes. Our RIVANA Semi-Pro faucet makes a bold design statement and grabs attention with its sleek closed coil hose and magnetic docking arm.

An island on wheels has the benefit of being stored away when not in use
Portable kitchen island

A kitchen island doesn’t need to be expensive or permanent. If you don’t have an island already incorporated into your kitchen design, you can purchase a portable island on wheels. A portable island has the side benefit of being stored out of the way when not needed.

A portable island can do wonders for your kitchen. It provides extra storage and can even function as a bar or drink cart for parties. Ones with butcher block countertops create more prep space and act as a cutting board to chop fruits and veggies!

Do not be afraid of colour. Add bold tones to your furnishings to make your space truly pop
Bold fabrics

Let your imagination run wild with bold fabrics! Curtains, runners, tablecloths, dish towels, and seat cushions can even be swapped out by season for a rotating colour scheme. Play with fun, bright colours for summer or calming earthy patterns for fall.

BLANCO SILGRANIT sinks provide the perfect neutral backdrop for adding bold colours or patterns with fabrics.

Lighting matters. From pendant lights to pot lights, choose fixtures that suit your personal style
Upgraded lighting

Upgrading the lighting in your kitchen can make a huge design impact. Pendant lights above your island or dining table creates an eye-catching centerpiece. Under-cabinet lighting adds soft accent lighting, perfect for evenings or nighttime when there’s less activity in the kitchen. Task lighting, such as pot lights, help illuminate high traffic cooking and prep areas. Motion lighting in your pantry provides isolated lighting exactly where you need it, and helps you save energy.

Artwork can brings your wall to life. Transform a blank wall into a conversation piece
Framed artwork

A simple frame around a piece of art can instantly upgrade any breakfast nook or blank kitchen wall. The perfect piece of art can be anything that’s significant to you and integrates your kitchen's colour scheme. Pressed flowers from your garden, work by a local artist you love, or printed Instagram photos can be incorporated into beautiful displays.

If you’re a parent, you can also frame some of your children’s artwork. Instead of using magnets, frames are more intentional. Rotate the framed artwork to keep your kitchen fresh and preserve the old art in a scrapbook.

Express your personal style with a new backsplash. Get creative with colours and textures
DIY tile backsplash

If your kitchen is in good shape, but you want a practical and stylish upgrade, take a weekend to tackle a DIY backsplash project. Metal panels or beadboard are simple, easy-to-install solutions for a new backsplash. If you’re more skilled, use subway tile to create basketweave, herringbone, or stack bond patterns. Get creative with grout colours to achieve your desired look.