Design a kitchen for entertaining

6 Design Ingredients for Amazing Dinner Parties


For those who believe the ideal night out is actually a night in, the best kitchens for hosting amazing dinner parties are all about setting the right mood. Tour this kitchen to see how key design ingredients - from location to dinnerware - come together to create a welcoming neighbourhood bistro vibe.

Open up the floor plan for a modern kitchen design
Location, location, location

Just like choosing the right neighbourhood can make a restaurant, having your kitchen in the right area of your home can make all the difference. This kitchen has a central location between the entry and the living area, with full views of the outdoor living space. The vaulted ceiling and natural light play up the drama and create a warm, welcoming vibe.

Do not design your living space around the TV
Open floor plan

An open kitchen always sends a message of welcome, whether it’s a commercial or residential location. The layout of this kitchen is particularly effective since traffic flows around both sides of the island and there are few visual barriers. The cook and guests can mingle freely, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere.

Position prep zones for the best views
Functional flair

Having the proper tools at hand is an enduring principal of professional kitchen design. In this space, the BLANCOCULINA semi-professional faucet and large single-bowl sink are ready to assist in any prep task. The faucet offers multiple spray options and a sleek design that warrants centre of attention status. The deep sink is a supporting player that can hide the dirty pots when it’s time to gather at the table.

Create a sefe cooking zone
Mixture of appealing textures

Surfaces that are easy to wipe, and those that improve with age set the right mood for casual entertaining. Wood counters with an interesting grain pattern, a rustic wood table, vintage chairs and raw polished concrete floors all signal to guests that no surface is too precious or delicate to enjoy.

Open up the floor plan for a modern kitchen design
Spice it up

Make your kitchen memorable and personal. Have a little fun with colour on cabinets and appliances. Display original artworks. Mix and match curvy mid-century chairs in your favourite hues. Greet guests with loose bouquets of fresh local blooms. Set the table with colourful handmade ceramics and luxurious linens, wrinkles included! Offer guests a signature house cocktail (and make it colourful too!).

Let there be lightness
Get lit

Cast yourself and your guests in the best possible light. Install dimmers so you can control overhead lighting. Stock the island drawers with an array of pillars and votives and scatter them throughout the space after dark. Add a roaring fire in the fireplace so it will be ready for after dinner lounging.