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Kitchen Sinks at a Glance

The sink is the heart of the kitichen

BLANCO offers a wide variety of kitchen sinks to help you create the perfect kitchen that meets your style, culinary and design needs. When it comes to kitchen design, many design elements need to come together in a functional and beautiful way. However, people often forget about the importance of the sink choice and that it is often a long-term commitment. Many hours of meal preparations and cleanup are spent at the kitchen sink. As such, beautiful, functional, high-quality kitchen sinks and faucets have a surprising impact on the final look and feel of your kitchen

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Choosing the right sink material

The material you choose for your kitchen sink is just as important as the style, colour or bowl configuration. Different materials have different advantages, and each material type will wear differently over time.

Quatrus R15 U2 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


A stainless steel sink integrates beautifully in any kitchen environment - better than almost any other material. This material is heat and stain resistant and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Stainless steel has a classic, industrial look and most sinks come equipped with sound-absorbing pads to help reduce noise from running water and dropped dishes.

We also feature a luxurious collection of STEELART® sinks which are produced using high grade, premium-quality stainless steel.


Precis U Super Single SILGRANIT Kitchen Sink


SILGRANIT offers exceptional resistance to scratches, heat and impact allowing all the heavy kitchen work to be done right at your sink. The material can withstand up to 280°C (536°F) – exceeding common boiling, baking or broiling temperature levels. It also endures extreme temperature fluctuations between hot and cold.

Furthermore, SILGRANIT is hygienic and food friendly – the repellent surface features the patented Hygienic+Plus protection formula that does not absorb bacteria or odours, and reduces the relevant bacteria growth by up to 98%. To ensure the product beauty is preserved, SILGRANIT material is non-fading.


Profina Fireclay / Ceramic Kitchen Sink


Crafted with artisan hand-finishing techniques and high-firing temperatures, BLANCO's fireclay sink delivers an extremely lustrous and durable surface that is shock-resistant. Fireclay material will also withstand heavy use over time, and will resist scratching, staining and chipping. And since our BLANCO sinks will not rust, fade or discolor, they are sure to add enduring beauty to your kitchen for many years to come.

Sinks and bowls made of BLANCO Ceramic are appealing for their smooth edges and glazed surfaces. BLANCO Ceramic is a versatile material that works with different kitchen designs- both traditional and modern.