Drink. Prep. Clean. The BLANCO UNIT is one seamless solution.
BLANCO UNIT - drink. prep. clean.

A BLANCO UNIT is a seamless, fully integrated, kitchen water hub solution designed to make everyday life in the kitchen easier.

The combination of a BLANCO sink, faucet and accessories streamlines how you operate in the kitchen and enhances your experience with water. Everything you need to drink, prep and clean is all in one place. The water hub plays a vital role in kitchen activities, over 60 percent of kitchen time is spent in this space. The BLANCO UNIT meets your needs by being a source for drinking and cooking assistance, a place for food preparation and a system for cleaning up life’s messes

BLANCO Unit - Drink Prep Clean
Water plays an essential role in kitchen life.


Your source of water. Water plays an essential role in kitchen life. You need it to wash your hands, hydrate and rinse fresh produce. When it comes to accessing water in your kitchen, you want a smart and trustworthy solution. A BLANCO UNIT will provide you with a beautifully designed faucet that is functional and intelligent. All components of a BLANCO UNIT have been carefully selected to ensure seamless integration with one another. Coordinated sink and faucet colour combinations and exceptional finishes create an interesting and unique, holistic water hub design.

A well thought out kitchen solution will simplify workflow, make things easier and save you time


Focus on the food. Having a well thought-out solution that simplifies your workflow will make things easier and save you time. Put all your energy and focus into your next culinary masterpiece with the help of a BLANCO UNIT. Custom fitted, integrated accessories like colanders, floating grids, cutting boards and rails, streamlines meal prep and reduces clean-up. Premium sink and accessory combinations help you slice, dice, fill, soak and chop with greater ease and efficiency.

Your kitchen equires the perfect workstation for quick and efficient clean-up


Clean up as you go. Life in the kitchen can get messy. Your kitchen sees plenty of hard work, so it requires the perfect workstation for efficient clean-up. Our eco-friendly, dishwasher-safe SOLON makes it easy to incorporate green living into the design of your BLANCO UNIT. Our organic waste system is designed to make heavy duty cleanup quick and easy. Winner of the international iF Product Design Award means you don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability.

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