Semi-professional faucets

Designed to last.

Inspired by faucets used in professional, commercial kitchens, BLANCO’s semi-professional portfolio includes special details, such as powerful pressure sprayers, flexible spring coils, magnetic docking arms and sensor technology. BLANCO semi-pro faucets provide home chefs with the ultimate in luxury and performance. Browse our semi-professional kitchen faucet collections.

Rivana Semi-Pro
Rivana Semi-Pro
Artona Kitchen Faucet - Dual Finish in SILGRANIT anthracite

Incredible performance. Award winning design.

The BLANCOCULINA semi-pro kitchen faucet features a wealth of chef-inspired details. Streamlined handle inlay, magnetic docking arm, sleek closed coil hose – these are just a few of the features you can expect from this striking faucet. The BLANCOCULINA combines high performance with high style and is available in two finish options; Chrome and Classic Steel. Demand the attention your kitchen deserves with this iconic kitchen faucet.

Rivana Semi Pro

Powerful performace. Ergonomic details.

The new RIVANA Semi-Pro features a modern square design that transitions into a rounded spout with a seamlessly hidden pull-down sprayhead. An integrated dual spray button, closed coil hose and magnetic docking arm provides the modern convenience needed for today’s at-home chef. This Semi-Pro faucet coordinates perfectly with contemporary sinks.

Artona Kitchen Faucet - Dual Finish in SILGRANIT anthracite

Modern interpretation of the classic semi-pro style.

Focusing on water efficiency at affordable prices, the CATRIS features a slimmer body design, optimal range of motion and dual spray function. A patented aerator significantly reduces lime scale for easy cleaning and maintenance. The new CATRIS FLEXO features a flexible, matte-black rubber hose giving it a sleek, industrial look.

Artona Kitchen Faucet - Dual Finish in SILGRANIT anthracite

Make a professional statement.

The DIVA Semi-pro kitchen faucet offers a flexible spring coil which not only provides optimal range of motion but also makes a strong visual statement. The DIVA offers high-end styling with an industrial, professional flair. The insulated hand spray has dual selectable spray patterns and a 360° swivel providing convenience and extended Reach. The DIVA is available in two finish options; Chrome and Classic Steel.

Solenta Senso Kitchen Faucet

Sensor technology redefined

The SOLENTA semi-pro faucet collection is available in both sensor and non-sensor versions and offers superb quality with innovative design elements. Engineered with a solid brass body and a flexible, high-quality hose encased in stainless steel makes this faucet both durable and easy to clean. The SOLENTA Senso provides the ultimate hands-free experience by combining reliable materials with a sophisticated start-stop technology.