• Made in Canada and Germany
  • Made of SILGRANIT®, premium granite composite
  • Withstands heavy cookware, hot bakeware and scuff marks
  • Food-safe surface protects against bacteria
  • Rear-positioned drain location for maximum usable bowl and cabinet storage

DIAMOND 1¾ Colour/Finish

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Drain Set

Care products for your DIAMOND 1¾

Frequently asked questions

Why choose a BLANCO SILGRANIT sink?

SILGRANIT is a patented granite composite sink material with superior strength and durability. With over three decades of material development, rapid advances in manufacturing technologies, and several BLANCO exclusive patents, SILGRANIT has become a global leader in coloured sinks. SILGRANIT sinks are heat, scratch and stain resistant and are proudly made in Canada at our manufacturing facility in Toronto, Ontario.

What is SILGRANIT made of?

SILGRANIT is a patented granite composite material made of up to 80% natural granite. This finely ground granite is blended with a high-quality source of acrylic. This superior grade acrylic is made in-house under careful supervision and is blended with specially selected pigments which colours the material all the way through. The durability of SILGRANIT is the direct result of precise, strict protocols used during every step of production.

How durable is SILGRANIT?

SILGRANIT is extremely durable and will not scratch, chip or stain. If you scratch a fork or knife on the surface of a SILGRANIT sink, the sink will actually grind down the metal of the utensil. These metal marks left behind can be scrubbed off with a rough sponge, some baking soda and hot water. SILGRANIT is also heat-resistant up to 280°C / 536°F, exceeding common boiling or baking temperatures.

Is it safe to handle food on SILGRANIT?

SILGRANIT has a defensive shield to protect you and your food from dirt and bacteria. Its patented Hygienic+Plus surface protection formula reduces bacteria growth by up to 98%. This makes SILGRANIT completely safe for contact with food.

Are the holes for faucets pre-drilled or already knocked out of the sink?

There is always one pre-drilled faucet hole in every drop-in SILGRANIT sink. However, there can be up to four additional knock-out holes available for soap dispensers, beverage faucets and other accessories. Extra knock-out holes are milled from the underside. You simply have to knock through the pre-milled holes. Go to our “How To Videos” page to learn how to punch a faucet hole in a SILGRANIT sink.

What is the warranty on BLANCO SILGRANIT sinks?

All BLANCO sinks and faucets are supported by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For full warranty details, visit our warranty page.

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