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BLANCO as an employer

Experience the BLANCO culture

With BLANCO, you're simply closer to the action: the product, the customer, your co-workers and success. With over 1,500 employees, we develop, produce and market innovative system solutions for private homes that delight our customers anew every day.

We uphold high standards of excellence and professionalism in a dynamic working environment with a flat organisational structure and plenty of scope for autonomous engagement.

Our company culture makes all the difference

Value-oriented behaviour and enthusiasm for what we do are palpable across every area of the company, at all levels.

We firmly believe that an actively embraced company culture, based on ethical values, is vital to the future sustainability of our company. The family charter of our shareholders also expresses our mission for generations to come.

The BLANCO culture is definitely one of the reasons why our employees are exceptionally loyal to the company. They are offered creative freedom, which opens up new prospects for the commitment of every individual.

This specific combination of value-based behaviour and attractive opportunities for development makes us a sought-after employer.

The BLANCO culture – we are


We place huge emphasis on equipping our employees with skills from the very outset and providing them with professional training at their new workplace. Because you're worth it to us.

A perfect start to working with us
We give you an introduction to ‘what makes our company tick’ at the very start, induct you into our company standards and explain the key details of our working environment. Of course, this also includes given you an insight into our production sites and the manufacturing processes that take place there. You can expect to be giving exciting tasks when working for us, within an environment that puts an emphasis on working together. We offer you plenty of scope to help shape your role, a high degree of responsibility and attractive prospects for deepening your expertise or becoming a manager.

Targeted further development
Part of the BLANCO company culture is developing your skills in a targeted way. We conduct a personal appraisal to plan your further development and identify opportunities for building skills. The BLANCO training programme offers a wide range of specialised training sessions. These include comprehensive project management training, method training and workshops for managers, together with a wide range of sessions relating to health and work-life balance. We also work with a number of seminar organisers and trainers so as to genuinely be able to cover the full range of topics, including coaching. In most cases, we also support your own commitment – e.g. additional training or part-time study.

Tailored career prospects
We are constantly evolving, and our managers play a crucial role in our ongoing development. After all, then have to do more than set an example. As such, we are investing in expanding out top-class management programme, and in our managers themselves.

In perfect harmony with family and private life

We want to offer our employees a framework where harmony between professional and private life is a matter of course.

Our employees already enjoy greater flexibility thanks to individually configured working hours. With generous flexitime arrangements, various part-time concepts, life-phase-oriented working hours, job sharing and the option of working from home, we provide the optimum conditions for chiming with different life plans and the daily challenges that can occur in one’s private sphere, in equal measure.

Employees with young children or dependants often face particular challenges. BLANCO therefore works in conjunction with several institutions to provide its staff with effective support.

Childcare at BLANCO


BLANCO has teamed up with the local Schneckenhaus daycare centre in Oberderdingen to provide childcare for young children. This means that they can accept children from other areas or towns who would otherwise not be entitled to a nursery place here. Parents benefit from extended opening hours, all-day care and a flexible choice of care days.

Schneckenhaus daycare centre
BLANCO doesn’t let its employees down when it comes to health matters, either

Health is the most precious thing we have, and healthy, well-performing employees are a company’s most valuable asset. That’s why we support our employees with a plethora of attractive benefits.

Safety at work

It all starts with safety at work. Our experts regularly review all workstations in production and administration, optimise their equipment and suggest additional improvements. Our company doctors provide expert medical care and provide advice and assistance at all of the sites in the region, covering everything from check-ups, flu vaccinations and treating acute illnesses to dispensing sound tips for what to include in your first-aid kit.

Health issues

And that’s not all. By arrangement, you can avail yourself of the services of our dentist, who covers the full range of dental services, including prophylaxis, from a modern treatment room on the company site. Qualified help is also available when it comes to your mental health. The BLANCO Balance programme provides you with support in your professional and private spheres, so that you can handle even exceptional situations.

BLANCO FIT – the BLANCO sports programme

The BLANCO FIT programme offers a wide range of activities, e.g. spinal gymnastics, back training, nutritional and relaxation training, smoking cessation and annual checks for bowel and skin cancer prevention. In addition, it works with local fitness studios and, of course, lots of sports groups, in which our employees, run, walk, kick or otherwise engage in sports activities.


Community involvement

“We’re at home throughout the world, but know what makes where we came from special.’ Company founder Heinrich Blanc acted according to this principle and was committed to working for social causes. Those who benefited from this included not only his employees, but also the people of Kraichgau. Environmental responsibility, economic stability and social commitment were firmly rooted in the company strategy. As such, BLANCO supports countless social activities, such as preventing violence in schools, cultural activities and a range of associations at its sites.

Global Values at BLANCO

Value-oriented company culture

Having common values is increasingly important in our everchanging working sphere. The BLANCO Global Values are our compass for daily business, shape our behaviour and show us the direction in which we have to develop.

Heinrich Blanc – founder of BLANCO

Promoting talent

The Heinrich Blanc Foundation, started by the descendants of Heinrich Blanc, seeks to support up-and-coming talent in the fields of engineering, economics and industrial design, and awards a generous incentive prize every year.

Heinrich Blanc Foundation