Cleaning tips

achieve optimal kitchen hygiene

Woman cleaning her stainless steel faucet

You should clean your sink regularly and thoroughly to ensure optimal kitchen hygiene. After all, the sink is the place in the kitchen that comes into contact with food most frequently. Here you can find out how to clean your sink properly, what you should look out for when cleaning your strainer and how to keep the odour trap clean over the long-term. Ensure proper hygiene in your space! You’ll be enhancing the longevity of your sink and mixer tap at the same time, as proper care leads to fewer wear marks.

Cleaning stainless steel sinks

Cleaning stainless steel sinks

Read how stainless steel sinks recover from scratches and how you can help this process along. We’ll also tell you which care products will get your stainless steel sink shining again.

Cleaning stainless steel sinks
Cleaning ceramic sinks

Cleaning ceramic sinks

What can you do to preserve the water-resistant effect of your PuraPlus ceramic sink? Find out here. We also provide practical tips for monthly deep cleaning.

Cleaning ceramic sinks
Cleaning metal abrasion

Cleaning Silgranit sinks

This practical guide tells you what you can do to prevent stubborn stains on your Silgranit sink. Our tips against metal abrasion will also help you remove unsightly streaks.

Cleaning Silgranit sinks
White sinks are cleaned

How to keep a white sink white

A white sink is chic, but also delicate. Stains caused by beet, red wine drops and the like are particularly noticeable here. In our guide, you will learn how to properly care for a white sink so that it retains its color for a long time.

Cleaning white sinks
Arrangement of a worktop

These things should be prepared at the sink

If you cook often and like to cook, you'll find over time that certain things are better prepared at the sink. In our tips, we tell you which activities you should do at the sink.

Preparing at the sink
Cleaning mixer taps properly

Cleaning your mixer tap:

Read about how to prevent limescale stains and get your mixer tap shining once again here. We also advise you on how best to clean your aerator in an acid bath.

Cleaning mixer taps