Matching sink accessories

Making kitchen tasks quicker and easier

Top-Rails allow you to use the space over your sink
Matching sink accessories – practical and good to look at
Sink accessories allow you to use even the space over your bowl

Knives at the ready! Cutting boards and flexible cutting support

Everyone in the family gravitates towards the kitchen. Here’s how to make sure you're all set. You might be in the habit of letting your little ones chop up apples for a fruit salad all by themselves. However, you’re probably going to keep an eye on them if they’re washing glasses. The flexible cutting support on a non-slip chopping board keeps you on the safe side. The matching sink accessories make sure that nothing slips, sparing your kitchen sink and your nerves.

The BLANCO universal cutting board in attractive, warm, solid beech or plastic makes the perfect sink accessory, as it nestles snugly into your sink. No wobbling, no slipping. Even children won’t have any problem cutting fruit and vegetables into little pieces. Perfectly safely. The flexible cutting support makes it even easier. No slippage, no scratches. Your knife will remain sharper for longer. And that’s not all: once you’ve used it, you can simply pop the cutting support in the dishwasher for cleaning. Look sharp! Sparkling clean once again.

The BLANCO universal cutting board is a helpful sink accessory

In order to make best use of the space over the sink, you can often use other sink accessories such as lay-on perforated bowls or the moveable Top-Rails. Even in small kitchens, this can provide additional working surfaces for vegetables to drain.

Having the right sink accessories allows you to harness the whole potential of your sink

Did you know that we spend 60 per cent of our time in the kitchen at the sink? Preparing ingredients often takes longer than the actual cooking. Can you spare the time? If you plan things well, you can make the most of every movement. Leave the cherry tomatoes to drain in the Corner-Caddy of your sink while you chop the parsley.

Hang it and you’re good to go

Avoid going back and forth unnecessarily and improve your workflow. We’ve optimised your sink with just that in mind. Where should you put the sponge? Just stick it in the caddy nestled into the corner of the kitchen sink like a jigsaw piece. Would you prefer an elongated compartment that stretches the entire width of the sink? Wouldn’t we all! Simply attach it.

Unlimited use – for dishes and preparing great food

Do you prefer to wash up large bowls, pots and wineglasses yourself? Then place them to drain on a special drip tray. Such accessories provide helpful assistance with day-to-day kitchen tasks, particularly in small kitchens with a sink but no drainer. The water runs off easily into the outer groove. Get your dishes, glasses and kitchen sparkling clean.

The BLANCO drip tray, specially designed for small kitchens

You can open and close the drain on your sink easily with the right remote control

Often underestimated and little noticed. As important as the bowl drain and basket strainer are, these are rarely taken into consideration when choosing a sink. They too come with sink accessories that can make your day-to-day kitchen tasks that bit easier.

Better twisted than plugged

A basket strainer is now a standard feature of the modern kitchen sink, as opposed to an old-style plug. On the floor of the bowl, for instance, the BLANCO InFino drain system fits harmoniously into the overall look. No edges, no rims, no joints. The transition between the drain and the bowl material appears almost seamless. It works equally well in Ceramic, Silgranit or Stainless steel. Perfectly integrated.

The remote control next to the flush valve opens the drain filter as if by magic.

Keep your hands dry when letting out the water thanks to the pop-up button.

It’s a bit icky, that’s for sure. Sounds like something you're familiar with? After washing up, you have to reach into the oily, dirty water to pull the plug out of the bowl and let the water drain out. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The remote control next to the flush valve opens the drain filter as if by magic. Simply turn or press it. Or give it a gentle tap. If you need to touch it at all. Sensors control the opening and closing of the drain. Great! This keeps your fingers clean and ensures hygiene.