Granite sinks made of SILGRANIT®

Unmistakably a true jewel in your kitchen

What makes Silgranit® the right material for your sink?

The kitchen is at the heart of the modern home and a reflection of our varied lifestyles. With a wide range of styles from proven classics to exclusive designs, available in a broad selection of configurations, sizes and colours, you can find the right Silgranit sink or bowl for your dream kitchen.

Colourful variety

The kitchen sink is often one of the last things to be planned into a new kitchen. It goes without saying that we don't agree with that approach, we would do it completely differently. But that’s the way it is. The colours of the cabinets, the worktop and the floor have been decided, now the sink has to fit in. Make it easy for yourself and choose a sink makes it simple. Silgranit offers a large choice of colours.

Fancy a rich coffee brown, striking alumetallic ,creamy tartufo or warm rock grey? Give your creativity free rein! Incidentally, we are often asked which is more popular, sinks in black or white? It's close, but most customers often choose the elegantly dark anthracite.

Silgranit is beautiful

Unmistakably a true jewel in your kitchen

Often copied, never matched. Every year, more and more customers worldwide put their trust in the original – Silgranit from BLANCO.
Silgranit offers a large choice of colours. Each developed by our design team - with two important criteria in mind: they have to work perfectly with the other colours in your kitchen, and the colour should be unchanged for many years to come. Whether you want to create a contrasting feature or a sink that merges with your overall colour concept.
The wonderfully tactile surface of Silgranit sinks feel velvety to the touch, exuding a modern, matte look that softly ties in with surrounding materials in your kitchen.

a beautiful black kitchen with silgranit sink

Impressively elegant.  Remarkably intense.

Silgranit black opens up a whole range of kitchen design options with black elements to delight design aficionados. The new black from BLANCO has a depth that creates breath-taking accents in kitchens with light-coloured worktops, or a sense of subtle luxury, an elegant option for all-black themed kitchens. Silgranit black appears across the whole Silgranit range of sinks and a diverse selection of Silgranit-look mixer taps. For completely individual, impeccably tasteful kitchen combinations in intense yet elegant black.

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Concete-Style Sink ZENAR

Strong in trend. Tough in action.

Inspired by modern architecture, BLANCO now offers selected sinks and bowls in a trendy concrete look. The lively interplay of matt and silk-matt areas and individual colour gradients makes every concrete-style sink unique! And it's not just the look that impresses! The robust, easy-to-clean Silgranit material makes life in the kitchen simpler every day. Sinks from BLANCO enrich every kitchen design, as an impactful statement or as a subtle integration, our designs offer stylish and practical kitchen hubs.

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Silgranit is strong

This makes Silgranit the right material for your kitchen sink

A kitchen sink has to put up with a lot over the course of the day. In the morning, hot coffee is spilled onto the sink. At lunchtime, some chicken may accidentally slip into the bowl after being washed. In the evening, a burned pan needs to be scrubbed. Nothing to worry about? Absolutely. Granite sinks made of Silgranit remain as they are. You can rest assured that the strong material made of up to 80% quartz sand, the strongest component of granite, is resistent to any common chores.

Silganit is clean

The no. 1 reason to buy: a breeze to clean

Chopped beetroot on the white sink. A red wine glass left on the drainer. This can cause nasty stains. But now? It’s no problem for Silgranit. Often the stain can simply be washed away by running the mixer tap. Just like that.
Save yourself hours of scrubbing. Enjoy chopping and frying food together with your loved ones, then savouring a delicious meal in good company. In between, rinse off large dishes and wipe down your Silgranit sink. Done. Drops of sauce run off into the bowl practically by themselves. Crumb and dirt remain lying on the surface. One wipe, and it's all gone. This is the sink for today.
In about the time it takes to brush your teeth. Daily cleaning and care could hardly be faster.

Cleaning Silgranit
Silgranit is clean

Ensures daily healthy family living

Hand washing accounts for 33% of all related food poisoning cases. It is therefore important to maintain good personal hygiene practice. But there are more things you can do to take care of your families health. A food safe material such as Silgranit will best reduce the risk of becoming sick from food-born diseases. This is particularly important because there is no immediate way of telling if food is contaminated. You cannot see, taste or smell anything different from the norm. All Silgranit sinks have the built-in patented protective formula ‘Hygiene+Plus’ with antibacterial properties. Tests* confirm that this built-in hygiene protection reduces the growth of relevant kitchen bacteria by an average of 98%.

* Tests carried out with bacterial stems ATCC 8739 and ATCC 6538 by an independent laboratory on behalf of BLANCO, 2011.

a happy family at home

Expert recommendations are helpful, but real-life experiences are even better

Of course, we are delighted with every design prize that we win. But we are even happier if you choose one of our sinks for your own dream kitchen. Your recommendation will help others to make their kitchen planning decisions. Take photos and send them to us, or share them on Instagram with the hashtag #silgranit.

Silgranit mixer tap

Do you love the look of clean contours? Are you keen on a kitchen mixer tap in a matching or contrasting Silgranit colour? Silgranit simply looks good even on your mixer tap.

Silgranit Mixer Taps

What is Silgranit made of?

Our granite sinks consist of Silgranit, a composite material made of up to 80 % quartz sand, the strongest component of granite. This is apparent not only to the eye, but also to the touch. Our Silgranit sinks have a lovely stone-like feel and are extremely easy to clean. What’s more, the material is highly resistant. You want to have free rein in your kitchen, whether you're cooking with tomatoes, strawberries, lemon juice or beetroot. Your sink is impervious to whatever ends up in it, and simply will not allow any discolouration. Only if limescale builds up on the surface of your sink you’ll need to remove it to avoid dirt accumulation. This makes your Silgranit sink an optimal synthesis of functionality and visual appeal

Is Silgranit heat-resistant?

Sometimes, things can really heat up in your kitchen. Silgranit can deal with the usual temperatures reached on pots, pans and baking trays when preparing food. Pots filled with boiling water, baking trays coming directly out of the oven and the like can be placed directly on the sink. Silgranit material is heat-resistant according to DIN standard 13310. The DIN standard is a uniform type of testing especially designed to check whether a product can withstand the usual chores in and around a kitchen sink.

Tip: If you have an overheated pan or tray, we recommend using our top-rails or a heat pad or trivet to protect the surface of your sink and worktop from the effects of extreme heat and differences in temperature.

How resistant is Silgranit?

Silgranit consists of 80 % quartz sand, the strongest component of granite. In short: your sink is extremely resistant. As such, you won’t need to worry about putting pots, pans and plates down wherever you fancy in your sink. You can also splash red wine, orange juice, hot coffee or beetroot juice around with abandon. Your Silgranit sink won’t mind one bit.

Is Silgranit acid-resistant?

Yes, Silgranit is resistant to food acids. Acid-based foods like lemons and oranges can be directly prepared on the sink surface. Even vinegar or acid-based cleaning products will not harm the sink surface (i.e. citric acid, acetic acid).

Remember: chloride acids or any other industrial aggressive acids might hurt your Silgranit sink and many other kitchen surface like granite, wood, paint, glass, … so please avoid using them in the kitchen.

Does Silgranit present any risk if it comes into contact with food?

No, Silgranit has been developed to come into contact with food and food acids. Hence there is no risk. Food acids won’t harm the sink material. Silgranit has a closed surface that blocks all common household acids. The material remains as it is. Nothing gets in and nothing comes out.

And a Silgranit sink is safe for food, so no sink substances are transferred to food placed on the sink. The food won’t take on any other odour or flavor and can therefore be prepared on the sink safely.

How do you clean Silgranit surfaces?

Cutting up beetroot, chopping onions or peeling apples: things sometimes go astray when you're performing kitchen tasks. But your Silgranit sink is perfectly able to cope. Its secret is its fine-pored, unbroken surface. Nothing is easier than to keep your SILGRANIT sink looking brand new every day, if you follow three simple steps of cleaning.

1. Quick daily cleaning: a quick daily routine to keep your sink looking good. Simple clean it with dish soap and a soft sponge, rinse it and dry it with a microfiber cloth.

2. Easy regular clean-up: limescale is the typical challenge for a sink. With this easy clean-up you can keep weekly your Silgranit sink limescale-free.

3. Deep cleaning: once a year we recommend after the limescale removal to fill the bowl with hot water and put some liquid or gel laundry soap. Leave it overnight. Then rinse it and dry it with a microfiber cloth. It is easy to keep you Silgranit sink pristine.

Can Silgranit granite sinks change colour over time?

Fresh fruit, vegetables and years of bright sunshine provide the surfaces of your sink with plenty of challenges as time goes on. But they remain completely indifferent. After all, our Silgranit sinks are solid as a rock. The material will not discolour or fade under normal use, and with a little care.

Is Silgranit hygienic?

Yes, Silgranit comes with the built-in patented protective formula 'Hygiene+Plus' with antibacterial properties.

What is Hygiene+Plus?

SILGRANIT is made with a patented protective formula that makes its surface non-porous and thus water-repellent, dirt-repellent and easy to clean. As a result, Silgranit surface has a shield effect against bacterial growth. This is the Hygiene+Plus protection. Tests* confirm that this built-in hygiene protection reduces the growth of relevant kitchen bacteria by an average of 98%.

* Tests carried out with bacterial stems ATCC 8739 and ATCC 6538 by an independent laboratory on behalf of BLANCO, 2011.

Do I need to take special care of a Silgranit sink if I use a hot mixer tap with boiling water?

Silgranit is ready to work with a hot mixer tap. Silgranit isn’t fazed by high temperatures, so boiling water won’t be a problem. A hot mixer tap like our TAMPERA delivers water at 100°C directly out of the spout, ready to make tea or cook food. Using it correctly is important to avoid injuries or putting an excessive burden on the sink.

Here our experienced tips:

• Always place a pot or cup below the tap before activating the boiling water and turn it off in good time to avoid spills.

• Be sure to keep your hands away from the running boiling water.

• Remember that the spout might be very hot after running boiling water, so avoid touching it or run some cold water before touching it. This might be very important if you have kids at home.

• Move the spout of the tap to different positions to ensure that the boiling water doesn’t hit always the same spot on the sink or place a cloth on the bottom to avoid subjecting one point of the sink surface to too much boiling water.