How should my sink be installed?

What goes with my kitchen style and worktop?

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Kitchen sinks can be

  • installed from above, with the edge placed on top of the worktop.
  • installed completely flush from above, without mounting the edge on top of the worktop.
  • installed from below, attached beneath the worktop.
  • installed flushmount from below and attached to the worktop on a single level.
  • placed halfway or completely on top of the worktop as a farmhouse-style sink.

Every top has a lid that fits. And everyone can find their own kitchen. The one that’s just right for them. Do you fancy a high-gloss look? Sparkling and striking? Or are you after something subtler, easier to maintain and more practical? Your kitchen sink can stay out of the limelight and blend into the overall look. Or it can be the star of the show. Your kitchen highlight. And there are plenty of models that fall somewhere in between. Your choice of fronts, worktops and sink materials is key, as is the installation method that you choose for your sink.

An inset or lay-on sink are inserted into the worktop cut-out and glued in place.

Classic installation

If installed using the classic method, your sink can be combined with any worktop.

An undermount sink is inserted into the worktop from below and requires a stone worktop.

Undermount sink

An undermount sink is only possible with a few kinds of worktop.

A flush undermount sink is flushmounted into the worktop from below.

Flush undermount sink

Flush undermount installation of a sink requires extremely precise workmanship.

Inset sinks with a very flat rim allow almost seamless integration into the worktop

Inset sink with a flat rim

The flat rim of a classically installed sink gives it a particularly elegant look.

Flushmount sinks feature straight lines and exude calm. The sink fits smoothly into the surface

Flushmount sinks

If you're particularly fond of your worktop, you can integrate your sink into it harmoniously, without any protruding edges.

The apron front of a traditional farmhouse-style sink protrudes from the kitchen units.

Farmhouse-style sink

A farmhouse-style sink is distinguished by its striking apron front.

Installation from above: coordinated with the worktop? Almost anything goes.

Square, hexagonal, round, shell-shaped, with one or two bowls, with a drainer,in Stainless steel, Composite or Ceramic – no matter which sink you go for, installation from above means that you can insert a plethora of bowls into almost any worktop.

Do you want to make your sink an eye-catching feature within your kitchen? Create a contrast with a colourful Silgranit composite sink. Or look for one that blends in with the colour of your worktop. The curved edge is a typical feature of inset sinks. This resting sink edge is very flat in the case of an inset sink with an IF rim. It gives the appearance of being almost flush with the worktop.

Classic installation from above

Classic inset sink

Gleaming Stainless steel sinks, resistant Granite sinks or glossy Ceramic sinks – all are easy to install. In any worktop you like. The choice is yours! What’s it going to be? Do you want to learn more about classic installation? We’re happy to help!

Details of classic installation

Flushmount sink installation: rim-less happiness

Ah, yes. You’re bound to smile every time you cast a glance over at your kitchen sink. Flushmount-installed. Completely level with your worktop. No rims in the way. It simply looks good. Gotcha! There’s a breadcrumb left over from slicing a loaf on the worktop. Simply wipe a cloth over and into the sink. All gone. So easy. So quick. It’s that simple.

Couple cooking at a flushmount sink

With flushmount installation, the sink is integrated into the worktop from above without any thresholds or edges. Rimless. As such, it blends subtly into the overall aesthetic design. Do you see design and functionality as two sides of the same coin? In that case, a sink that is flushmounted into the worktop is the right type of installation for your kitchen. Read more about it here.

More on flushmount installation

An undermount sink: makes your kitchen look bigger

You only really notice it when you take a closer look. An undermount sink is restrained yet rich in contrast. Just as you like it. You might fancy a sink in a shade to match your worktop, or something that creates a contrast. This bowl is fixed beneath the worktop. This gives you more space on your worktop, as well as making a greater impact. As with flushmount installation, the sink rim does not result in any protruding edges. You can sweep vegetable parings or breadcrumbs from the worktop into the sink with a single wipe.

Woman standing at an undermount sink

An undermount sink is mounted from beneath your worktop, in a section that has been specially cut out for that purpose. Do you like the flush version, on a level with the worktop? That works, too. Essentially, undermount installation is only possible with water-resistant worktops made of stone, granite or composite materials. An undermount sink blends into the overall design. Do you want your kitchen to look more spacious? Read more about undermount sinks here.

Information about undermount sinks

Farmhouse-style sink: A modern take on country-house style, for something a bit different

The sophisticated Ceramic or Stainless steel farmhouse-style sink protrudes boldly. It marches to a slightly different beat, making it an eye-catching feature in your kitchen. This sink sits on a base cabinet. You decide whether to go larger or smaller. Ceramic farmhouse-style sinks are heavy, weighing up to 50 kilograms. It’s best to have such a sink installed by a professional. They will know what to pay attention to in order for you to be able to work at your sink without straining your back.

The stainless steel versions of the farmhouse-style sink combine history with modern design. Both options play around with symmetry. Create a contrast with a farmhouse-style sink. Having a farmhouse-style sink is anything but ordinary.

PANOR farmhouse-style sink

Do you like the country-house style? It looks impressive and solid. In days gone by, babies would have bathed and clothes would have been washed here. Today, it’s an easy place to clean large pans and woks. The farmhouse-style sink brings a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen. The pared-back design and clean lines, meanwhile, introduce a sense of urban lifestyle to your house. Find out more about the special design of a farmhouse-style sink in your kitchen here.

Details of the farmhouse-style sink

Which worktop requires which installation method?

Worktop Installation method


classic installation from above, flushmount, undermount


classic installation from above


classic installation from above, flushmount, undermount


classic installation from above

Composite materials

classic installation from above, flushmount, undermount


classic installation from above

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