Cleaning Dark Steel: how to look after your bowl properly.

a DarkSteel sink

Cleaning recommendations for Dark Steel bowls

To maintain the high-quality Dark Steel look, you should completely avoid acidic cleaning agents that contain chloric, hydrochloric, acetic or citric acid. To avoid damaging the surface of your Dark Steel bowl, do not clean with steel wool, abrasive items or polishing agents. These cause scratches and can damage the stainless steel surface over time. You should also avoid direct prolonged contact with rusty iron items like cast-iron pans, as these can leave unsightly marks.

Daily cleaning

For everyday cleaning, use a damp microfibre cloth or a soft sponge with a little washing-up liquid. Go over the wet sink thoroughly with the soft side of the sponge and washing-up liquid to loosen any dirt. Pay particular attention to the corner radii and the basket strainer, as these are the areas where most of the dirt particles usually settle.

Deep cleaning

Do not use polishing agents when you do an occasional deep clean of your Dark Steel surface. Our BLANCO DailyClean+ Spray will help you to combat limescale and light dirt.

Special instructions
Do not use abrasive scouring agents (e.g. scouring cream, scouring powder, BLANCO DeepClean) to clean BLANCO Dark Steel stainless steel surfaces.

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