Frequently asked questions about sinks and mixer taps

Whether you are remodeling a kitchen and looking for the right sink and faucet, or moving into an apartment with a built-in kitchen and looking for sink care tips. We have the answers to your questions.

Questions about silgranite sinks

Silgranitsink BLANCO ZENAR

Each material has its own peculiarities that need to be taken into account when cleaning it. Find answers to all questions about the material on our BLANCO Silgranit material page. Our guide also provides further tips on cleaning and caring for Silgranit sinks.

FAQ cleaning & caring for Silgranit

Questions about ceramic sinks

BLANCO Subline ceramic sink

Ceramic sinks from BLANCO are not just white, we offer a wide range of colors. On our material page for ceramic sinks, we answer questions about the material. In our guide you will find tips on care and cleaning.

FAQ cleaning & caring for ceramic

Questions about stainless steel sinks

Cornersink BLANCO LANTOS made of stainless steel

Stainless steel is the standard in the kitchen - on our material page on stainless steel sinks, you find answers to all material related questions. In our guide, you will find tips on cleaning and caring for stainless steel sinks.

FAQ cleaning & caring stainles.....

Questions about mixer taps

BLANCO Solenta mixer tap

The faucet is the centerpiece of your sink, it is operated several times a day. In our guide, we show you how to clean your kitchen faucet and what to look out for when caring for it.

FAQ cleaning & caring for mixe.....

Other questions about cleaning & care of sinks

How can I clean my basket strainer?

The basket strainer is the secret hero in your sink. After all, it prevents your sink from getting clogged up, thus ensuring perfect functionality. Over time, however, the basket strainer will collect some dirt, so you should give it a clean every now and then. You don’t even have to buy a special cleaner for that purpose.

Here’s our trick: put a level teaspoon of powdered dishwashing detergent onto the closed basket strainer. Pour approx. 250 ml boiling water over it and leave the solution to work. Now brush and scrub it (e.g. with a dishwashing brush) until the basket strainer and drain cup are shining once again. Finally, open up the basket strainer and take out the basket insert. Now you have room to clean the hole opening in the drain cup. Once this is squeaky clean too, reinsert the basket insert and rinse it with clean water.

Are the holes for mixer taps already punched or drilled out of the sinks?

Our stainless steel and ceramic sinks have a punched tap hole. Exceptions are our reversible sinks without drain remote control and our TOP sinks. We pre-drill Silgranit sinks from the underside - you only have to punch through the pre-drilled holes and thus determine the position of the mixer tap yourself.

How do I remove stains from dark sinks?

Milky stains quickly stand out on your dark, chic sink. Limescale deposits are to blame, and they can vary in severity depending on where you live and the plumbing. These stains also like to pick up debris like coffee and tea, causing discoloration. However, this is all less bad than it sounds.

BLANCO sinks are generally very easy to clean. Avoid strongly caustic or solvent-based cleaning agents, especially for silgranite sinks, as these can attack the surface of the sink. For the removal of lime stains, better rely on our cleaner BLANCO DailyClean+ or acid-based cleaners (as concentrated citric acid or acetic acid). Stubborn discolorations are stains fixed to lime; by removing the lime, the discoloration also disappears.

To do this, spray the sink sparingly with BLANCO DailyClean+ or an acid-based cleaner and let it sit for five minutes. Then clean your sink with a sponge, rinse it with water and rub the surface dry with a microfiber cloth

Our tip: Dry your sink after each use, avoid stubborn lime stains from the start.

The BLANCO InFino doesn’t close - what should I do?

If water is draining away and not filling the sink despite the strainer being closed, then the BLANCO InFino drain system’s settings need to be adjusted. The same applies if the InFino drain system does not open even if you have selected open via the PushControl drain remote control. The drain system is not necessarily broken or leaking. BLANCO InFino can be adjusted in just a few simple steps. Our assembly instructions can help guide you.

For the system to work perfectly, it must be clean. First, clean the basket strainer and remove deposits in the drain cup. In addition, clean the plug and then see if the problem persists. If water is still draining away even though it shouldn’t, you need to adjust the BLANCO InFino plug.

To do this, remove the plug from the cup. The plug features a screw. Loosen the fitting using the blue plastic tool supplied when the system was installed or a SW4 spanner wrench and unscrew it slightly. Fit the plug back into the sink cup. Check if the basket strainer raises slightly when the BLANCO PushControl is pressed. If not, you will need to further extend the plug’s screw.

As soon as the BLANCO PushControl raises the basket strainer slightly, turn the screw back 1.5 turns. The BLANCO InFino drain system is now correctly adjusted for use with the BLANCO PushControl drain remote control.

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