Farmhouse-style sink:

Nostalgic charm for your kitchen

Spülstein PANOR

Great! Lean comfortably against the slightly protruding sink and scrub a deep-sided pot. Did it hold potato or cheesy leek soup for the whole family? How easy it is for residues to stick to the floor of the pot. Starch and cheese – a nightmare when it comes to washing up. Baking trays can often retain residues that are hard to shift. In her country kitchen, Granny would whisk the pot and baking tray of to her big, deep farmhouse-style sink. In those days it was practically a trough for washing dishes. Both would be clean again in no time. And Granny would be content.

farmhouse-style sink design,

A sink like in Grandma’s day

A farmhouse-style sink offers plenty of room. In times gone by, babies would even have been washed in such sinks. Today, they are ideal for especially cumbersome dishes. Unlike other kitchen sinks, this type of sink protrudes a little from the kitchen cabinets. There’s no concealment here. It is solidly striking, and an eye-catching feature.

Do you love a practical take on the country-house style, and don’t want to do without modern features? Then a farmhouse-style sink makes a good choice for your kitchen.

Stainless steel farmhouse-style sink meets history

Beautifully practical: when design meets history

A new take on an established favourite. That’s the effect of a BLANCO farmhouse-style sink in your kitchen. The solid shape of the somewhat different kitchen sink draws upon traditional, rustic flair, while also departing from it.

At the same time, they are also extremely functional. You can have your farmhouse-style sink positioned or installed to the height that works for you. Adjusted to your height, rinsing dishes, washing vegetables and chopping food will be a pleasure, and easy on your back. The size and depth of the bowl means that it is easy to cut up fruit or vegetables in the sink itself, using special cutting boards that can be attached in the bowl or laid on top.

How is the farmhouse-style sink installed in your worktop?

Installing a farmhouse-style sink isn’t as easy as simply placing it on the base cabinet, connecting it up and fixing it in position. You Ceramic or Stainless steel sink needs to sit firmly and securely at the right height. The key thing is to make careful measurements and mount it precisely. Professional fitters can help you with this. After all, it’s not simply a case of making the apron front protrude a little. The stainless steel version of the farmhouse-style sink can be integrated into the worktop using the conventional way, as well as using an flushmount or even undermount method.

Choose a worktop made of the following materials for your farmhouse-style sink:

  • Composites
  • Stone
  • Laminates
  • Glass
  • Wood

Which worktops go with a farmhouse-style sink?

Which worktop materials work well with a farmhouse-style sink? Can it be installed in any worktop? Yes. A farmhouse-style sink can be combined with any worktop. Decide for yourself which of the many variants you like best. And make sure that the transition between the worktop and the sink has been very thoroughly sealed. Prevent dirt, water and bacteria from penetrating the worktop.