Kids are playing in the kitchen at the kitchen water hub from BLANCO
BLANCO UNIT - drink. prep. clean.

The kitchen water hub assumes its rightful place 

Drink. Prep. Clean. United at last in the BLANCO UNIT.   One seamless solution that restores water to its rightful place in the kitchen – and makes everyday kitchen life easier. 

A little spot that makes the difference

Enhance your kitchen with a seamless solution that supports your daily water-related chores by combining mixer tap, sink and waste systems. Water plays an essential role in kitchen life. It does its bit for every dish, and not a day goes by without us using it. We associate water first and foremost with cleaning, but it has plenty of other duties in kitchen life. Water is used when preparing food and is found in every drink. From a welcome sip of water to freshly washed chopped salads, it's utterly indispensable. And it all comes down to this one important spot in your kitchen. The BLANCO UNIT.

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Wife at Kitchen Water Hub from BLANCO
Man sitting at dining table in front of kitchen water hub
Kids at the Kitchen Water Hub from BLANCO

Bringing a sense of ease in kitchen life

While run-of-the-mill kitchens combine several standalone solutions, you can bring a greater sense of ease to daily kitchen life by opting for a perfectly integrated system. All components have been carefully selected to ensure seamless integration with one another and to prove a perfect fit for premium kitchens. The BLANCO UNIT makes everyday kitchen life not only easier, but more stylish, too. After all, its holistic design pays particular attention to perfect colour combinations and surface finishes. 

Between preparing food, drinking water and cleaning up, we spend more than half of our time in the kitchen at the water hub. This is where simplified workflows come into play; with the BLANCO UNIT it all flows naturally.  Soon you won’t be able to imagine doing without all the features that the unit has to offer. The BLANCO UNIT provides steadfast support under any circumstances. 

Man and Wife ar preparing food at the kitchen water hub of BLANCO

Drink, prep, clean – Newly united

Once you're aware of water's importance within the kitchen, you'll be looking for premium quality.  

While the kitchen is traditionally a place for gathering together friends and family, it also sees plenty of hard work, so it requires the perfect workstation. No matter whether you're preparing food, drinking water or cleaning the kitchen, you always need reliable equipment to hand. 

A BLANCO UNIT will more than see you through. Our solutions have undergone internal technical feasibility tests, so a good fit for all components is guaranteed. All component designs are geared towards a seamless solution, so any available space in your cabinet will be fully used. Most importantly, however, the unit will really prove its mettle as you put it to use in all sorts of different ways. 

Not just water

Not just water

When it comes to water in your kitchen, you really want to have the smartest and most trustworthy solution. The BLANCO UNIT will provide you with a beautiful masterpiece, while adding the functionality and intelligence that you need. 

Makes preparing delicious

Make preparing food an experience to savour

What do you think is the first touchpoint of your kitchen? It’s none other than the sink. This is where you wash your hands and prep your food. Having a thought-through solution that dovetails with your tap and waste system will make things easier and save you time, while ensuring good hygiene. 

Focus on the taste. not the waste

Focus on the taste, not the waste

Wouldn’t it be nice to put all your passion and love into the food you’re serving to your friends and family? How are you going to cope with all of the leftovers and mess that a big party willcreate in your kitchen? Your BLANCO UNIT has it covered. It helps you keep your cabinet organised and makes cleaning as easy as possible. 

Man prepares food at BLANCO Unit

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