Integrated soap dispensers create extra space at the sink

The soap dispenser can be integrated directly into the tap ledge during installation.

Fixed soap dispensers prove to be lastingly effective for washing up at the sink, and can be operated with one hand. Kitchens require functional, simple solutions, as there’s always a lot to do and a need to be quick and practical. A soap dispenser that can be operated with one hand and does not take up any space at the edge of the sink can make your everyday life that bit easier.

you can have your dishwashing detergent immediately to hand, thanks to the soap dispenser

With BLANCO soap dispensers, washing-up liquid is right at hand.

Every kitchen will have a call for cleaning agents now and then, even if you do most of your washing up in the dishwasher. There are always a few things that need to be washed by hand, so it’s good to have some washing up liquid always within hand’s reach. And it’s not only useful for washing up. Washing up liquid is also regularly used to clean the worktop or the sink.

Only the pump button of the soap bottle stands out from the edge of the sink

Soap dispensers also fit into the overall look of your kitchen

Soap dispenser bottles come in different colours and designs, in plastic and every conceivable material. However, it makes sense to install a fixed soap dispenser. If you’re putting together a coordinated kitchen design, then you should choose an integrated soap dispenser carefully. The models come in a wide variety of colours and shapes. You might go for something glossy or matt to match with your kitchen sink and mixer tap, or rather in a brass or stainless steel version. Another kitchen issue solved.



Playing with black as an accent color in Design is more relevant than ever. And can be style-defining. The classic design color black matt sets accents without being obtrusive - and is timelessly beautiful. The full-surface powder coating impresses with its uniformity and depth of color. When combining taps and soap dispensers in black matt with our Silgranit black or Dark Steel sinks, we recommend adding the strainer set in black matt so you can enjoy BLANCO’s functionality in an all-black water place. For contrasting accents combine black matt taps with light-coloured Silgranit, Ceramic or stainless steel sinks.

LATO in satin gold

Mixer taps and accessories with the wow factor

Satin gold accents are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens, whether in the form of handles or worktop edges. High-quality BLANCO elements in satin gold give your kitchen the real wow factor, especially around the water place. Kitchen mixer taps and integrated soap dispensers create a harmonious overall look thanks to superb workmanship and aesthetic design that prove a lasting source of delight.

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Think how often you only have one hand free at the sink, and how easy it is for a free-standing container to tip over or take up too much space. If the soap dispenser is fixed in place, many of these problems simply never arise. One simple push pumps out the soap, and it is also easy to operate with damp, slightly slippery hands.

Refillable soap dispensers protect the environment

Soap dispensers are easy to fill from the top with liquid soap of your choice and can also be retrofitted to most sinks. Depending on the model, BLANCO soap dispensers have a volume of 300 ml or 500 ml, which is sufficient for domestic kitchens. The ability to fill the soap dispenser easily from above makes it both practical and sustainable in the long term.

BLANCO soap dispensers come in designs to match the kitchen mixer tap, and can be colour coordinated

Matching mixer taps and soap dispenser make an elegant combination

BLANCO soap dispensers are distinguished by their perfectly coordinated design and top-quality surfaces. As such, they form an attractive ensemble when combined with a range of BLANCO kitchen mixer taps, bringing extra functionality to the most important space in the kitchen.

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Girl looking at her clean hands

Little things that make kitchen life easier

The detergent dispenser can also be used for hand hygiene in the kitchen - occasionally fill it with a little detergent in between or when using it as a soap dispenser with diluted liquid soap.

Hand hygiene