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Coloured sinks set accents

BLANCO NAYA sink in rockgrey
BLANCO Dalago sink in white
BLANCO ELON sink in Silgranit alumetallic

When designing your new kitchen, you are welcome to pay attention not only to the functionality but also to the appearance. The choice of sink colour plays an important role in this respect. Make a statement with a coloured sink, perfectly matched to the worktop and all other elements in your kitchen. We will tell you here how to create the perfect atmosphere with the right colour combination.

Tips for choosing the colour of worktop and sink


You are still not quite sure which colour combination appeals to you the most? Do you prefer monochrome looks or would you like to set an exciting accent with a coloured sink as a contrast to the worktop? With the coordinated colours of our BLANCO product families, we will help you make the right choice. You can choose the material, surface and colour of the sink to match the colour and texture of your worktop - including some beautiful brown tones such as Tartufo or Cafe. According to Prof. Dr Axel Buether, colour and trend researcher at the German Colour Centre in Wuppertal, brown is the most delicious colour - and not only when it comes to exotic luxury foods such as chocolate, coffee or spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. "Aromatic brown tones are downright addictive. You can create a feel-good atmosphere in any room that is stimulating, invigorating and natural. The combination of stainless steel and coloured accents is also possible. Sinks such as BLANCO SUBLINE in the SteelFrame version with their cool frame of brushed stainless steel are an eye-catcher in your kitchen.

The right material for your coloured sink

Have you already decided on a colour combination of sink and worktop? Then you can choose the right material for your coloured sink in the next step. BLANCO offers coloured sinks made of high-quality Silgranit and ceramic. While ceramic is a traditional material that has been used for a long time, Silgranit is a more modern composite material that is very easy to clean and resistant.

Here we explain in more detail which material is the best for your sink.

BLANCO ETAGON Silgranit sink in black

The Silgranit sink

  • Adored around the world for their exclusive styles
  • Our design colour palette of Silgranit brings everlasting beauty
  • Impressively resilient material, that keeps up with busy kitchen life
  • Easy-care surface of Silgranit saves yourself hours of scrubbing
  • Hygiene+Plus: Tests* confirm that this built-in hygiene protection reduces the growth of relevant kitchen bacteria by an average of 98%

    * Tests carried out with bacterial stems ATCC 8739 and ATCC 6538 by an independent laboratory on behalf of BLANCO, 2011.
BLANCO PALONA Ceramic sink

The ceramic sink

  • is robust.
  • withstands heat and cold.
  • shines for life.
  • is resistant.
  • repels germs and bacteria.
  • is easy to clean and maintain.
  • remains as it is.

Coloured sinks

Regardless of whether you decide on a coloured sink made of ceramic or Silgranit, both materials are ideally suited to bring a very personal flair to your kitchen with your colour concept. Find out here how to make your kitchen perfect down to the smallest detail with the wide selection of matching BLANCO taps for your coloured sink.